Lets take it by the horns

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Am new to this app and I have lost 2 articles already! My soul is not having it right now, and i had been so sweet and proper and now i can’t seem to be that calm anymore, so let’s take it by the horns.
2020, three months into this year and all of you already know the frustration and pressure at hand. I don’t think I can keep my cool if anything goes wrong one more time. For the past two months, I have been highly extra, extra b! My emotions have overly been on the top, i have been so angry, violent and highly disgusted by very small events. I feel like this whole time i just kept getting these small things and i have been trying so hard at them, you get that feeling where you have been pouring your soul out and that person, activity or passion is just not taking in the same energy that you are investing. Well, that’s my 20 years of hard plain slavery, pouring so much energy into so much and not just people but even my mind and its just not working out.

16 years into this goddamned education system and i didn’t even get my dream career, am not even close to it. Or realizing that i don’t even belong to myself, or yet again, after getting this degree my family expects a grand wedding day or rather yet again, all the males that i talk to now find my body as a center of attraction or the one’s that are impressed by my brains yet again don’t challenge me at all, not even sexually. And the world hasn’t only opened my eyes to that but I heard am supposed to be a little less tough, turns out some females like their meat soft and tender so that they can easily tramp on you if you aren’t living to their expectations, or me talking and posting about sex makes me a pervert and not to forget if i pose around with my phone then am a millennial wimp!

Can i just breathe! Add a little sugar here, speak a little softer and proper, and its not just the females, I know the males hear me too. But aren’t we supposed to give and take, cause it is our way. Can the world just stop breathing and i take my glorious walk cause this just keeps suffocating me all the time.
So, these little weights called expectations that society keeps imposing on us or rather plunging them down our throats, How do we get by them. Do you even know them, do you feel the exact pressure or am being extra here, again.

Not to worry; Hope you have a sweet tooth, cause am about to feed you with some sweet candy that our society will never Grace you with. Welcome to the month of sweet bitter truths! Welcome to the month of March! Please stick around, am generous with my candies. And am out till Saturday!

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