Baby boomers monopoly

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Generation Z also known as the baby boomers, this generation comprises of people born before 1980, which includes your parents and mine, our ancestors, the mighty Hitler and Jesus too. Right!? These guys have the best history and interesting people to ever exist. They had the best artists, had the best informative music, the most iconic horrors, the best architecture, I mean let’s hand it out to these guys, they did the most of their time, including most of them having loads of sex which led to the birth of millennials. We do need a round of applause and high table for them, for real though.

And who are the millennials, we are the little “shit holes” that were born between 1980 and 2000, those born after are called generation alpha but i feel like they are apart of the millennials though more digital. The free spirits💃, activists🖕, mobile natives📱, the yasss queen💅👢, fiery emoji🔥, lit gang, fam💯, spotify, we prefer Snapchat and Instagram, the realists, optimistic, name It, we own it. But why are we still labelled as disrespectful, loud, inappropriate, vulgar and the most absurd generation.

The “baby boomers” find us inadequate, lazy, unappreciative and irresponsible. What is it that is bringing up such a mindset by the boomers? I have a theory and let’s agree these people are stuck up on their experiences in life and they are branding us useless. Look at it this way, they give us the same all round table advice with the aunties and uncles about stay indoors, no harm will get to You, stay away from boys all they want is sex, go to school it’s the only and only way you can compete in this world, get a degree and go work and make money. True boys do want sex but am not going to avoid It, true i need a degree but then where are the jobs, I don’t hear about investment, I don’t hear about saving and i dont hear anything about passions or talents. ENDLESS USELESS CYCLES.
there world was far more simpler the economy was rising, technology was still finding its stand, all you needed was a simple face book account with your name and you were still invisible. Today we have hackers, today we have rapists who will still find a way to your room, today sexual orientation is got from series, today social media is a means of marketing and business, today a degree not even two can land me a stable job,meanwhile today these baby boomers abandoned their children in boarding school, today these baby boomers are unhappy in marriage, today these baby boomers are single parents, today these baby boomers are having extra marital affairs with us! Today these baby boomers do not appreciate our freedom of speech, our dressing, our hair, our careers, our inventions, our voices to rise up. I mean these guys keep doubting us.

And am not blaming them that things are falling apart, we have no manual on how life should be run or how it will go but their endless predictions are just creating an inferno in our lives. Then why won’t we feel pressured to be better and perfect, their expectations or toxic comments about life are pushing us into doing so many things. Take this forexample; our relationships we are finding hard to keep them thus sex at an early age, making big expensive weddings to prove a point, fear of commitment.

And yet we have so much to offer, we are collaborators, multi- modals, interactive, inspiring, co.creators, supporters and guides. So much quality in our generation and the best they can do is demean how we behave, yet we should work together to make our world better.

It’s this sequence and we are going in too fast and too hard. Trying to be better than they say we are. What more can i say, i could rant all night long about this. But like i said, sweet treats for your soul, food for thought. How are we going to change this cycle? Till next time.

Playlist Young and dumb – khalid Saved- Khalid

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