Breaking to the new slave ; money is an eternal suicide

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“Your parents were having sex while ours were making money!”I cannot count the Times I have heard this statement being blurted out, either directly at me or to a group of people, and you know not just by family, or adults but by agemates. And it hits a different nerve every time. sometimes I think they just feel entitled, sometimes I feel torn by it, sometimes i get numb and stiff and sometimes I smile and stay quiet.

Money, money, money, honestly no matter how many times we deny it money is the source of happiness. It could save your momma from that hustle. When I was younger, I think I was 15, there was this on going debate about love and money, at that time I sided with love, don’t get me wrong I think love does exist just not in my world. I remember we’d shout at the top of our lungs I’d rather be with a poor man that loves me, now that i think about It, this was the best joke i have ever made and not just to my friends but to myself cause I laugh so hard at it right now.
Money honestly is a tricky concept but we need it. Our churches need It, our homes and families, our children, every social institution like schools, hospitals, need money. Money is more than a basic need it’s apart of the society’s system, it’s an element that’s needed for our social functioning. So what has this money done!?, it has caused a raging hole that we need to fill. Its a brand of success, it’s a password to the heart, a currency to the dead too, the greatest weapon we as mankind have ever created was money.

And now we are stuck in school trying to get careers that will give the biggest paychecks but not a satisfaction to our hearts. We have given up on simple human basics like selflessness, sharing and we take pride in being richer with material things but not rich in heart. And the biggest drift of all money has caused the biggest rift that even feminism and male chauvinism hasn’t surpassed and that’s inequality.

Take Uganda as an example, our education system, there are schools that are worth 180million Ugandan shillings and there are schools worth 300,000ugandan shillings which by the way is someone’s weekly upkeep in high school. And with this virus here, no-one is seeing the effect it’s going to have on our economy. Tuition is likely to increase, the price of food, taxes are going to be high and the poor are going to be more poor.

“Had you thought about this or you were occupied by the no school and twitter topics.oh well! See you all soon😷 stay home, stay safe.”

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