Culture’s impostor

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The rapid cultural erosion or rather the high rate at which we are letting our culture slip far away is very scary. As millennials honestly, we love to explore, try out New things, get on board with the new slang, dressing, language, education, all of it is amazing till you realize you cannot pronounce your traditional name well.

Tradition is our identity, our security, it’s not a commodity but I mean we got it for free. It’s one thing we did not get to pay for, it was passed on to us, whether it was done well or poorly it’s still ours to keep. What makes our human society is the culture and the traditions, society and culture are two different parties that are intertwined and require each to play a role so as to be stable. The culture gives life to society, it’s a way of life, a design of living, it’s the ideas and habits that we share that gives life to a functioning society. Culture includes knowledge, art, morals, beliefs, laws, and other capabilities therefore it’s first learned then it’s shared .
Where are we going wrong? Is it the fault in our age, moral corruption, is there a fault in the history we fought so hard to learn, is it the democracy, do need the rise of monarchies and empires again. Probably it’s the “social forces such as colonialism”.

Here’s a thought, yes it must have been colonialism, cause why did so much go down the drain. See it this way, we worked so hard to learn their foreign language, yes it was imposed on us but we still made an effort to impress the colonialists, our dear saviors, our teachers at the moment despite of the hypocrisy they showed to our ancestors in broad day light, we worked so hard to get into the schools only for our children to be subjected to minimal roles like Secretary, altar boy, still second to these colonialists, we worked hard to learn their religions, we quickly dropped ours and went on with theirs. Here’s the similarity if your wondering how the 21st century is very much alike to the past, we are still going on with the colonialism education system, we still use their language, greatly taken up by religion.

Only that right now, we are taking this foreign culture way out of line. And am not to judge but which world are we going to leave our children with. I realised the more we millennials grow up and get closer to having families, each of us has a different way we are going to raise our children. The fight to be different is so vivid yet we are so similar because we are willing to throw the “local family” aspect down the drain.

The dawn of a New age, a New era, honestly I can’t wait to see how we turn out

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