Judgemental church members

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Exhausting is one way to put it. we are still talking about this in a world where we thought we were done with judging people. Like how!? How are we still here!!! “Lord, How!?”

Unfortunately, I for one feel guilty, I can’t count the number of times I have judged people and I know you also feel that guilt weighing down your soul. It’s annoying that we are here but here we are. Someone is about to comment, ” but I don’t judge people on Christianity terms.” And here’s my answer to you honey, if you are Christian or doesn’t matter, it’s still horrible to judge.
But, I’d like to narrow it down a little to our churches or rather to people who we pray with. I think that’s an easier spot for you to relate. Judgmental church members don’t have a specific age , although the grownups tend to be more open about their opinions and the youth tend to share these with their fellow agemates in secrecy but we all have witnessed those who are open about their opinions and how much they dislike something and it’s normally associated to someone.

Normally, I have felt out of place in churches because people or the Christians in the churches tend to be exclusive. It’s hard being a new member of a church and it definitely gets more exhausting if you feel like you are trying so hard to fit in instead of having a better connection with God. But we are human and it’s uncomfortable and it gets hard for one to concentrate on prayer if the people around you don’t seem to approve of who or what you are whether as a person or where you come from or the group you are in. honestly, you call it quits.

It’s brutal to feel unwelcome, it’s brutal for church members to think that you did not turn out like your prayerful mother, it’s brutal for people label you as unworthy of God’s grace. I feel like it’s similar to the ‘ism’ family, I mean the likes of racism, sexism, these are brutal and leave horrible scars. And yet in these divine places, we seek worship, peace, satisfaction, hope. Now isn’t that a destruction of what it’s meant for!

Most Christians come up with the excuse of I stand for the truth. Yet in Jesus, grace and truth are perfectly fused. Remove grace from truth and you don’t have truth and vice versa remove truth from grace and then you do not have truth.

Why do we still have issues of judgmental church members? The idea of appearance of right; people have an already made image in their head of how a holy person should be, decent, perfection, quoting of the Bible at heart. It’s not automatic that we’ll have all these qualities but does that make us unworthy!? The undealt with jealousy or guilt as i love to call it projection. People will speak ill of someone despite of the fact that they too might be involved or have a similar problem or they have gone through it. But Mathew 6:14,it says; forgive others so that the father in heaven may forgive your sins but then how does one work through that if they have not forgiven oneself. Self righteousness; the spirit of pride. The quick nature of human kind to quickly condemn. I don’t know what it is, but we are so quick to forget that we are not perfect, the joy we take in realizing that others are more of sinners than we are. A beautiful irony, isn’t it just marvelous that we are quick to look into our brother’s eye before we sort out our own. And lastly, we have not loved like Jesus has. Love covers multitudes of sins, if love sees the good then that means it doesn’t accuse. This we have no right whatsoever to judge or say whose worthy of salvation.

We are all sinners and we do not even deserve to say God’s name. So imperfect yet God did not give up on human kind. Then who are we to sentence others to doom

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