Nude apocalypse

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Why are we afraid of our own private parts!? A boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina and breasts. Why are parents hesitating to teach children on how to handle their bodies, yes it’s sacred but then they own these parts and will use them one day. Am not saying we should parade naked in the streets, that’s a little too much but it’s a choice and freedom anyway but how about we Do not leave all the work to the science and biology teachers and to our children to find a clitoris.

Am a pro nudist, I love nudity, I love it’s beauty, it’s charisma, it’s power to make one Feel powerful but could it be that I am also scared of the consequences of openly walking in the streets with my boobs out. Yes!!!, very scared but then again very eager to experience it. When i say walk around with my boobs out, it doesn’t mean am not going to have a shirt on… no, not that. I mean walking down the streets of Kampala with no bra just to feel my firm breasts get fresh air.

It’s the small things by the way. Some women or men will not walk out naked, some just need to have a lace dress on or a see-through just to feel mighty. How have we reached this point of being shamed in the 21st century just because my breast peered out yet our ancestors lived with men in society with their breasts out till the 17th century.

You are all about to pull out the card of all of this has a reason, it’s culture and all. Well Yes, at a point I agree, I mean in a world where men still rape women and vice versa while we have our clothing on , is scary. But why do i feel like our privates parts are hidden, why are they scared to teach us about them, why do they feel like they are an abomination, forbidden instead of being a treasure, our pride, our sacred paths to Desire.. passion and satisfaction.

Our bodies are a natural state of positivity yet we seem far away from this truth. “Forbidden stuff makes us more curious” why are we standing firm with whatever shape our bodies take. Who are you to call me imperfect if i post a nude photo, who are you? I mean I don’t find anything obscene about it? Am sorry that I found it remarkable , revolutionary and fierce.

I don’t want my nudity to be a period between the towel and the shower. Oh! Please, I can have one on my Instagram, one on Twitter, one on my phone and i might as well not share it.

*Nudity might be labelled a costume for lovers and corpses, mine speaks volumes to my soul. Period.*

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