What they didn’t tell you about college // uni

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Weren’t we all excited about finishing high school. I was beyond excited, ready to get my groove on at campus. Meet amazing boys who would be begging for my love, success in my books, a great class where we’d throw papers and the lecturer and he’d let us be, does this fantasy seem familiar? Well Yes, too much grownish and stupid movies. But what happens is, I hate this whole campus thing, honestly. Like how is it this bad, they didn’t tell us about this. Well, here is a simple compilation of what i wish I knew before I came to university aka college aka campus.

People think you are up for sex, big time. An invite to a boy’s room and you just see his roommates move out is cocky. And these stories are just so many that am comforted. You said, you wanted us to watch a movie, why the fuck are you making a move on me. Reasons why we don’t visit boys in their hostel rooms. Even in conversations, some boys just crop it in, are you a virgin!? If am not then What, if I am then What!? My all time favourite, what’s your wildest Desire..!? Sweetie, at this point I just want to exit this conversation.

You are bound to lose friends. People who schooled with me at Ndejje will testify to this. A lot of people wanted to start over and find them selves. Am i wrong!? It’s okay to ignore me in public I mean life’s goes on that way but just to clear up my mind, bitch what did I do?, i might not ask but it hurts that you moved on. And you know what’s funny with our generation, people will pretend that it’s all fine but deep down in my heart i want to talk it out. Oh well, we don’t get what we want.
In line with that, isn’t it weird that the boys you schooled with in high school confess that they liked you even those that spoke shit about you. Like, really, you are pulling this stunt right now, honestly, what are you thinking.

Identity is a big crisis people! You know, when we hear these stories about university, have you realised there’s only two parties catered for. That is the party goers and lame weird ones. And now most people are trying to fit into these two parties. I have met rich but weird, smart but party animals, cool introverts, the brainless beauties, these ones honestly they were expected but it’s beyond, the ones that cannot afford a high life style but go for it. My point is there are so many parties and you can be whoever you want to be. Period.

It’s okay to take a gap year. I regret not knowing this. Whether it’s in the middle of the academic year or at the start, it’s fine. And its okay to start over. It’s okay to redo, it takes strength and courage but you got this. It’s your life, do as you please. You are not a loser, go for what you want, it’s okay.
Men are trash, age does not count. Whether you date your friend’s father or working class or your agemates just choose who you want. Stop stressing us, that we are dating babies, we’ll still face the same trashy behaviour so take on what you can handle.

People will always expect you to have figured things out at this age. You’ll hear statements like you are a grown man, work through it. You are a grown up, where is your boy friend? People think it’s all supposed to fall in place, isn’t this just absurd. We have no knowledge on how to work out relationships, no job experience, no connections, it’s all jumbled up and yet people think you have it all worked out.
And lastly, its your choice. It’s your life, no one has to tell you how to live it.

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