Friends and sex 1

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Friends, Friends, Friends, or should I say acquaintances. Yes!, it has come to this. Due to very many disappointments, betrayals, fake love and heartbreaks , the 21st century youth committee felt that it’s proper to address most people as acquaintances, till they are able to earn the friend “label” or “tag”. Quite the safe heaven, hmmmph. Well, life is full of so many hardships but nothing hits me hard like the question, “could we have sex?” From a friend.

Maybe it’s the boredom, but the sex offers rolling in during this period is alarming. I mean they were there before but of late they are extreme. And how can you address it, I don’t know. Am fine with compliments from Friends, “you look hot, sexy, your glowing” I mean friends are a chain of empowerment, positivity. They make you feel amazing and surround you with love. But let’s not forget some relationships are filled with fights, sarcasm and it’s okay. You and your friend define that space. You draw the line on how things should go, between you and your friend is a zone of comfort, serenity and a bond that only you two vibe with. But then again this space must put into consideration your own comfort and peace that the other party must also be aware of and understand.

Friendships are like relationships, whereas your intentions must be clear in a relationship, the space and comfort in a friendship must be put first. It’s understanding each other but also drawing a line on some issues. Some people are comfortable with flirting, whereas others are not comfortable. As much as we are scared of going into forbidden zones with Friends, it’s horrible to have bad sex than a bad dating experience.

In my opinion, I’d rather have a bad date with my friend than a worst sex scenario. And you know the common consolation here, ” we are adults, we are mature, we can talk things through if they go wrong,” How are you going to talk about bad fore play, weak dick game, dry sex, no orgasm, loose vagina or a 1minute freak show that you call sex. Please tell me, how will that talk go down. I for one, I cannot take a bad kiss and here you are expecting me to talk about this sex! Don’t get me wrong, some people have had great luck with this but we all know most times, it goes down the drain.

And one thing we forget is that sex leaves a big scar and once it’s horrible, you will not hear the end of it. But some horny girl or boy is willing to define the odds and will probably read this and call me a sadistic lonely bitch.
Call 911, cause part 2 and part 3 are coming in real soon

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