Friends and sex 2

The after sex and rejection.

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I have to say, a lot of you are so positive and ready to ask your friends out. And am sorry if i sounded negative, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

Short story time: there was this one time I misquoted emojis a friend had been sending. For a while, they used to bother me, he had been using them alot and honestly, they were different from those that he’d been using. Once I pointed it out and asked what he wanted or if he was trying to send signals, the conversation that followed put me and this relationship on hold. The jokers are yet to say, you girls over think and take things too seriously but the fact is that most of you are waiting for a green card from the other party, if they are in with the flow. Anyway after all that, it felt like a bad break up.

You know one thing we forget is that rejection from a friend feels a lot more worse than a break up. You cannot just get back to your feet. There is so much emotional tension. Much as people keep saying “we can talk it out”, honestly at that point you are too scared to dive in to talk about the emotions especially those that were rejected. Sex, flirting or dirty talk is by the way a very big deal, people don’t realise that it needs effort and emotions and most importantly the mind’s strength. You cannot say you need someone to come have sex with you without visualising it. Period! And then you wonder why you are so clingy and demanding yet you are friends.

Meanwhile sex might not show physical or emotional strings attached but soul ties are a no-go place. I love the confidence people have, it’s just sex, let’s fuck but still be Friends, well then why do you act awkward when you meet. Not forgetting sometimes, it might be a one end stretch, you ask for the sex, hoping for sex only and boom emotions at your door step and you have to crawl and hide your emotions especially if the other party is interested in someone else and they are sharing it with you.

Now you tell me. What it feels like being crumbs to a situation, you could’ve avoided.

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