The cost of beauty

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Me; what is beauty!? Google; what is beauty in a woman, what is beauty in a human, 7 signs of beauty, where is the beauty of the woman, what makes a face look feminine, where is beauty in the woman!? And the winner, what it means to be a beautiful woman.I am in shock… Google definitely shows results of the most serached issues so it is not it’s fault nor the creators but it’s our fault that all we could see or want to know or write about beauty centres around physical attributes and perfection.

My definition of beauty like everyone else’s today looks for the self awareness and individuality. One being aware of their narrative and taking charge. In short, one being their own cover star. But we will not ignore the fact that we need to look amazing, I mean I definitely need a smaller waist, I need my hair done and looking good from time to time, I need a whiter set of teeth, blah! Blah! Blah! But my ultimate question is, “Is beauty a worthwhile investment?”

Beauty definitely leads us back to our physical assets. And we cannot ignore the fact that the physical beauty is the one thing that pleases the eye or meets the eye of the beholder first. So as we take on this road to perfection and work out different things about how we look, is it all worth it? Simple beauty hacks to keep us in check are a must and whatever you might find necessary to keep the standard, it’s okay but how far should we go!?

One thing I noticed about beauty is you need to be consistent and commited so that you can keep up the presentable look and change might be necessary. We take on different beauty journeys, our looks in the mirror are different for we all have a different image on how we look like and what our transformation should be like. One thing about beauty is if you fix one thing then you definitely have another to worry about.

Satisfaction and admiration are a big issue when it comes to beauty. Most of us have dream body that we would like to have and that creates a small conflict with our current self. And once the ideal self doesn’t match the current self, then you are going to have a burning urge to change alot of things. And all these will definitely come at a cost! And satisfaction is not guaranteed nor perfection at the end of it all.
A girl has got to do what she’s got to do! I hope I see you on the other side hun.

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