Nudes in a relationship

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Nudes! I know right😂😂. Well there you have it. I don’t think sending nudes only applies to couple’s or rather people who are dating, I think it also tackles those in situationships that are based on sex, ” the bestie bestie gang”, and other people. But as we talk about sexting, do we really understand what it is and what it comprises or what it requires.

Just like how different people prefer different sex styles or how they handle their sex affairs, sexting is different for every one and its pace can be quite deadly. Sexting in our generation and to my understanding is a virtual way of reconnecting sexually but in words. Senses like touching, smelling, tasting are not involved much but the sight and your inner hoe are definitely awakened. And it’s actually intense and the fact that there are some senses that are not catered for the remaining ones get to be more alert and spicy. You get to explore and you get to know the inner most wants of your partner, thats if its used well. Most of the times where I have sexted( Yes, i have sexted now call me unholy), most times the boys take on the lead. And I realised that it’s because I just end up listening and paying attention to their fantasies, I even speak less and its fine, different people manage these situations differently and will explore the whole control aspect differently( this will be expanded on in a different blog). Sexting might not involve emotions for some and that’s okay. Sexting sometimes feels like an advanced version of flirting But it’s centres around sex and all. But it’s all going good till he asks for nudes.
And you go numb. I have no side to this. Nudes are a powerful instrument, and if misused it could get ugly. But is it necessary to send nudes? Well, I think there are some things you should talk about with your partner. Things like Trust, confidentiality or at our “age” it’s the same old ‘delete after’. And I will not lie these are extremely hard things to come by in a man and a woman. Finding a person who will respect you and your body parts by not exposing them to the whole internet just because you broke up with them.

But the beauty about nudes is that they are artistic and they definitely bring the fire when sexting. Someone’s going to call me a pervert and that’s okay. I’ll definitely bless my man with some nudes preferably when am in lingerie but you get the point. Same thing goes for sex toys with your partner. What’s scary about sex with your partner. People think that sex is only a dip and out routine of a dick and a vagina but sex is something that’s really important to build in a relationship.

Am sorry that there are some unfaithful humans that have destroyed this beauty. But that’s okay, life will not always present beautiful roses. I once said to someone that if they ever sent flowers, I’ll definitely return the favour. And I know I am abit much but why Not!

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