How are your friends handling your identity change

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Letting go of some habits is hard. Especially when these kind of habits were done with some friends. Let’s say it was a way of bonding or getting to catch up. Habits later become apart of us and define us and that’s what your friends will define you by. You drink with them, then your friends will say you are chilled or a drunkard depending on which side they are. That’s why some people prefer to hang out with people that have the same habits and routines as them. It easier for them to understand you if your habits are the same. Less judgment, more talking and bonding thus more peace. But are these friends ready for the change you are going for!?

Peers are very tricky. Someone will still want to drag you down because they feel lonely and are not accepting the fact that you are moving forward with yourself. Friends need to understand that you are not going to stay the same and that if you have decided to let go of some habits or even letting them go, they should not hate you for it. The methods you’ll use to execute this are within you since you know best but it hurts to just leave someone hanging you know. Wondering why and what happened. Talk about it with them, you do not have to be so detailed but dont just throw someone under the bus. Moving on is hard and it involves leaving a certain part of you behind and it might involve leaving some people behind.
I know that I am going to sound abit cocky for going back on my word but we cannot hide the fact that sometimes, some habits need to be let go along with a few friends. Sometimes, changing who we are requires cutting off some people. People that might not understand your decision, people who might not understand the need for you to move on or to drop these habits, friends who might tease you and call you a weakling for letting go of a certain habit, friends who might constantly remind you of your past, friends who are not ready to accept and to realise that it is okay for you to let go. Standing strong with your identity change and having some of your friends on the other side of the wall is tough. Them not agreeing and seeing this as betrayal. This is the quickest way to a heart break. It’s a confusing time, you don’t know whether you should let them in, guide them, explain to them or to let them go.

Do something you love. Something that settles well with your soul. Something that will keep your light shining. Besides you are not a home for everyone, you should only be a home for those who make room for you in their homes.

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