Bro / sis mantra 2

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Flirting friends! There is no harm in flirting. One can flirt without having emotions.

Having a man that flirts around is a sign of disrespect, period! That man belongs to the streets, hun. There is a big difference between being friendly and flirting but it looks like some people don’t get the difference. Flirting is like a mini subsection of sexting, there isn’t much of the sex talk but you are definitely sounding like you need to get a room with this person. And the worst part is flirting is way more deadly than sexting. Why? Because it can be misleading and unlike sexting that entirely focuses on sex, flirting is like saying, ” yes, I can definitely date You.” And with the flirty comments going back and forth, it can spark up something.

Most of my friends and me of course, have had an issue of my man’s friend flirting or sending inappropriate messages. Imagine someone saying, ” that’s why I love You 😍, I love the shape of your curves or I’d love to see more of You,” Call me old fashioned but that’s just wrong. Not just for me but for my man too. Someone will say girls over think but no! No!, we are not overthinking. These messages send a confusing sign and create a tense texting environment.

Space and boundaries are a priority. Some may say it’s just his way of appreciating, there are better ways to state it or rather say it. Someone’s about to pull out the, ” but it’s his humor,” bravo! Honey, bravo! I hope one day that friend of his or her drops a hint like that to your partner. It’s disturbing. It’s okay to laugh and talk * not for me though* but let’s just have a limit.

Quick solution, talk to this person. It’s not easy by the way. I’d like to say that the people who are told to change their approach in a conversation and then you get mad or angry. What’s annoying about someone calmly telling you to tone down on the flirting, for you to create a more suitable and comfortable texting environment. Talk it through, see it through their lense and then address your issue to this person or you keep quiet. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

Then there is that boyfriend or girl friend that’s adamant about his or her friends’ advances to their partner, even when you know it that it is not okay. If it Does not sit well with You, SPEAK UP! Instead of saying that someone is a whore meanwhile someone that you claim to be in love with!

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