The Virginity Scandal

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If I had told you before that I am a virgin, I LIED! And Yes, I am still grieving. But I do not regret it. People keep saying that I am unclean and that I am a loose nail just because I opened my legs to someone. And it hurts.

It hurts that I have to lie and pretend that I relate to virgin talk. It hurts that once you tell a boy that you are not a virgin then you are up for sex. The only thing I miss about being a virgin is that I was handled with care. Boys talked to you about sex in a more calm way. They guided you cause they thoughrmt that you are naive. But now once I say that I am not a virgin, there are drafted questions and little dry sex jokes that come up. Questions like; how do you like It, which style blah blah blah! Disgust.

Who said that I am going to sleep with you. Get a grip on your horn, I am not a sex giver. People think you are ready to try anything and give it up. Excuse me!
And no-one mentioned that my nipples would become more sensitive once I have had sex. Yes, the blood circulation increases and the muscular tension increases too making them tender. No-one said that, the only thing that was taught in that biology class about sex was that the boobs swell. That was It! Meanwhile it felt like my biology teacher wanted to race out of class. I could sense her discomfort, the rush when she was talking and when the boys made those weird noises.

I am done and I am not amused. Sex is overrated but I might still turn up naked in his arms.

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