Kids in love

I’ve heard the anthems and choruses “you better not break her heart”..”if you hurt her, I swear…” “I just hope you aren’t playing around…” But they haven’t seen, the sparks in my eyes as you walk to or away from me, they haven’t heard me stutter or freeze as you speak to me, they haven’t felt the tingle on my skin when you playfully or mistakenly brush up against me…If they did, they’d know how wild I’m willing to get, lose myself in this feeling for all eternity, give myself without condition… Rumbling on isn’t important, I’d prefer they watch and fall silent as you revel in this devotion I have for you.


I talked to my cousin Rebecca And my sister Mukisa, We fantasied about our future suitor, Each describing their own, How handsome he should be, How tall and rich, How glamorous our weddings would be, How indescribable our gowns would look, We went on and on
At school meanwhile, The drama of tiny crushes was on, One claiming to be in love with another. This we picked from the movies and soaps. The argument yet young we were Not even knowing what love smelt like.
But now that I am almost ready, I say of my walk of the journey. No one taught me the wayI learnt what I thought would pay Mere pain, manipulation, despair,desperation. I purge my cracked and broken wall, Waiting in anticipation for the one, The maker placed for me, For he knew me before I came And he knows it all.
I still dream of my glamorous wedding.Oh! That indescribable gown That handsome fellow. Eunice Faith

I’ve always been riding, Hoping of the perfect representation of the daughter of eve. Who drank from mother nature’s wonderful essence of love and grace. Who clang near the bosom of perfection and elegance. Who did my every command. But, in the face of reality The females are heavily intoxicated, Drunken on the doctrines of this world. So the fantasy in my mind. Will forever remain bound.


When you are brought into this earth, They tell you that on this earth, There is “your one”, And one day, one blissful day, They will turn up and save you from your demons, That one day, one sunny night, They will strut up to you and one day, one fated hour, They will show up and never pack up Some believe, some reseat, Some shun this tale, some speculate. But I found that “the one”. Then one more, Then one more of the internet, Then one more in my past, Then one ” my one “…They lied, It’s just a tale.

Margaret Buganzi


It was supposed to be easy, But I feel more needy each passing day when I claim to be in love!They said that love wasn’t supposed to be selfish so I give it my whole each and every time that I claim to be in love!I am easily blown away! By the nice eyes, cute hair cuts, pink lips and by literature.But they all seemed to like it better when I was less clingy. When i spoke about what they wanted to hear.But never about how I felt! Being secondary or coming in second even when I found myself beautiful is the worst feeling. (Continuation in the ‘OLD LOVE BLOG’)

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