The education burn out- why don’t we learn about African / black history .

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I am Ugandan and it sucks to say that up to this point, I do not know the use of the LC1 Chairman. and it was not until last week that i got to know of a certain position of a GISO and the existence of divisional offices. whereas we are trying to expand and fight for the inclusion of blacks in the study of history and science, we have failed to teach ourselves about our own countries.
I feel like my history paper one should’ve been about Uganda or its districts. history 2 should have embraced teaching the constitution, parliament and the arms of government and the decentralization system. my history paper six would have talked about other black etc. Why are we hustling with English, why don’t we learn using our local languages. The geography should’ve focused on Uganda and its features in depth, Africa and its wonders. there are gaps in our education study and its all our fault.
We have failed to come out and address certain issues like our stupid education system. the first thing that should be learnt in commerce is how to save and invest and the more practical bit is for one to draw a plan for a business and market it within school. how hard is this!? we have strong girls in Uganda like Atim Roz-Merie who are known entrepreneurs and well known in the arts sector. our do we learn about davinchi, why don’t we teach our children more about knitting and Tye and dye. so that we build the fashion industry or even make their own clothing. in biology, we only theoratise the menstruation period yet it should be a must that girls learn how to make their own pads. the first woman ever to run for presidency miria Obote is hardly spoken about.

Why are we still dwelling on past and ineffective education. We clearly see that it doesn’t work out. the class of 1986 has clearly and firmly pointed out that there is a lot to be done. but no change. nothing at all.

Our country’s history should come first and to make a mix we can talk about the African-American history. inventions like the ironing board made by Sarah Boone in 1892,Home Security System, Co-Invented by Mary Van Brittan Brown in 1966, The Three-Light Traffic Light, Invented by Garrett Morgan in 1923, Refrigerated Trucks, Invented by Frederick McKinley Jones in 1940 and many more. the problem is once we speak about creativity, everyone rushes to think about music and modelling. creativity is all around us. its about improvising and taking a step in whatever field.
We should emphasize inter-professional relations. Working as a system to boost the well-being instead of competing with one another. computer skills like java script, web and social skills, graphics design should be emphasized. and later we can train specialists. first aid, reading of simple signs like high temperature that can help one to immediately call for assistance instead of screaming that witchcraft is real.

We need to do away with these outdated systems otherwise we are going to be dragged.

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