Old love

Pain She is real
I say she because she is the mother of all other sins.
She will issue the notification when the expiry date to his feelings hits.
Snooze her alarm and you’ll feel that sensation of tears stuck in your throat for a lifetime to come.
Her way of doing things is by loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of sanity.
Do you see the pattern.
She’s pregnant with her first born.

This one is the brakes The complete halt of all your body functions and mental growth.
The stage before anxieties and relationship phobias.
The illness that requires a bottle of whiskey or a therapist.
Or both.
Then comes the spoiled younger sibling

He writes the constitution for your next relationship.
That is if he cannot convict your next boyfriend before the ship leaves the shore.
The detective that finds all circumstantial evidence for love malpractice.
The one that cross examines Where have you been? Who is calling? Why don’t you call me?
Do you love me?
His sidekick

This is the guy that echoes the fears and amplifier the pain
The lie detector he will always fail.
He is short on self love,
high on jealousy,
prophet of pessimism
and doom.

Cecilia SN

Here goes nothing; It was supposed to be easy,
But I feel more needy each passing day when I claim to be in love!
They said that love wasn’t supposed to be selfish so I give it my whole each and every time that I claim to be in love!
I am easily blown away! By the nice eyes, cute hair cuts, pink lips and by literature.
But they all seemed to like it better when I was less clingy.
When i spoke about what they wanted to hear.
But never about how I felt!
Being secondary or coming in second even when I found myself beautiful is the worst feeling.
I hope for a love that knows no condition, one that will end at my funeral.
Not for two though, does it always have to be for two!?
The world is all give and take anyway,
So, as I spin on this wine and as I try to make sense of this forever,
that everyone awaits and talks about when their hairs turn grey!
I’d like to make a toast to this trickery that poses as the ultimate goal to old age.
Even an old love will still linger in your old hearts.
I really hope that you hold on even you later realize that you were a size too big to be his type!

Ferrister Mirembe

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