The flaw in Uganda’s politics

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Museveni is never worried about the literate people in his country. Why!? Well, its because of our learned habits that we try to reason, be more democratic, write complaint letters instead of shouting or rioting etc. the learned always find it better to be more ‘civilized’ when talking about politics.

His Excellency has no time to pay attention to social media hashtags. His followers will not vanish anyway and neither will you over throw him at the comfort of your iPhones and WiFi. He is not bothered cause our noise stops on twitter. The reason why Bobi Wine is a bit of a threat is because he raises masses, the man moves and most youths on the streets are willing to die for him. Mugisha Muntu is smart, true but he’s in the same category as Amelia Kyambadde, calm and less chaotic.
An example, for those who are doubting me, the hashtag of tegu has died out swiftly ( maybe its just on my TL) but the fire has died out. I know you get me. We are not on the streets fighting for that dead boy, we are not doing enough in order to be heard. We spit venom and hard english on the TL, we use the most sophisticated words and tag the responsible parties. and there’s still no response. why!? The class of 1986 is aware of who they raised and how they raised us. They too are learned. they raised us to be lazy, shouting yet no one is talking nor doing any action. and secondly they know us so well. HOW!?

They taught us in school to be calm and sophisticated. to move with a certain pride and that we are not supposed to do certain things like riot. They taught us that rioting, is babaric, that peaceful talks are the only way out. And then they trained the LDUS just to tame us and scare us. Masking them us protectors yet they are our murderers and to only seek justice in the courts of law.

The president isn’t the only person refusing to stand down, the teachers that have taught us these standards, the doctors, the chief justice. the class of 1986 is not just the parliament or the President, its our parents too, nurtured us to be who we are now and they are laughing at us. Refusing to stand down. Not that they are scared but they have rigged us all from the start. Now we are here starting up our own enterprises and jobs so that we can survive cause we are in their palms. we are their little puppets! The whole system is dead! the education, the justice, outdated laws and guidelines, outdated policies that are affecting us too. You think they care. they too know that most of us will turn out like them.

Take this, we hardly know the constitution, we don’t know our own local leaders and we definitely do not know the districts, sub counties. we don’t even know the names of pour own ministers, we don’t know the names of the members of parliament. we are blind and they’ll keep twisting us so that we can dance to their tune. Those men are ready and they know that we cannot give up our freedom for a war never. cause we have so much to lose like our precious degrees and riches. we are nopt smart nor patriotic and we are failing ourselves at each and every turn. we need to march down to those offices and demand for a change.


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