You’re a rapist, don’t blame it on me

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Victim blaming is one of the most disgusting misogynistic manipulation tactic that i dread. these men pry on our innocence and vulnerability and later make it seem like we called for the rape. ” NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONE WISHES NOR PRAYS FOR RAPE,”

It gets tiring re-echoing the same things over and over again. consent, being drunk doesn’t mean you should rape me but here is one that plays my mind, that “men’s fear of rejection leads to rape”cases of girls hotel or hostel rooms being broken into by strangers is rampant. and the fact that this rapist or stranger has the guts to say that , ‘ i saw you and i liked what i saw is disgusting.’ in an era were we’ve worked out the kinks of dating, i mean women can now propose, this is when men feel like they can rape because they fear rejection. no… no…. that isn’t right and a certain former friend of mine( RIP TO THAT RELATIONSHIP) said this and in my mind I was shocked. so now it is our fault for being empowered and intimidation and independent that we now have to endure rape too. because someone thought that i would reject them(99.9% true) but that still doesn’t give you the right to rape me.

Lets make this clear. rape is no-one’s fault except for the rapist. That’s your fucking entitlement. Moralists are about to give me a lecture but please you draw a line on gay people but not rapists. pedophiles, child pornography. Give me a break. We have sick people in the society that find it okay to rape and kill and later feel proud about it. Men making weird statements about small girls that are 2years. making moves on little girls and hissing at them. Following girls to their homes. funny story: one time in hostel, i think it was 3am. I had accidentally slept in a friends room so i wake up and I try to find my way back to room. and this guy is following me, i stop and say hello and he doesn’t reply. I proceed, later on I was so scared that I started running and this fool ran after me. I don’t know how I lost him but i was scared as fuck. this is uncomfortable.

It sucks to know that everyday in my life, I’ll have to be on fight mode just to protect myself from boys or men that have brains too and sisters. If you have a crush on me approach me or keep quiet. i am not responsible for any wishful thinking going on in your mind. my body isn’t yours, its mine. MY FUCKING BODY. I don’t care whether you imagined enslaving it, i am not responsible and me rejecting you doesn’t mean that you should rape me.

If you at any one point feel attacked by this blog, touch your chest and whisper i am a fucking rapist and i need help. lets educate these men to respect and honor our bodies. lets educate these boys about privacy and respect. and how to approach a woman. rape isn’t a way to claim someone. the more we protect these men, the more we breed fathers, uncles and friends that will rape their wives, children and other people’s daughters.

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