Adulting and its new culture

Adulting, commonly know as being mature, responsible, independent and a grown-up. Something we all want, some freedom, being in charge of our own homes, having an apartment all to yourself, a great job with a good salary, I mean adulthood is meant to make our dreams come true. Well, I sure hope so, cause it’s easier to dream than to deal with something. But is adulting a role, is it real or is it a scum!?

Right now adulting has come with a new wave and different opening of life. The change in a lot of factors today like technology, the climate, the culture, the mindsets, has caused a lot of turmoil in how we define adulting today. I mean the way we handle our politics is different, the way we handle our children, the way we weigh success is different and definitely, the way we handle our personal lives is different. There is a lot of information and knowledge at our disposal and we are meant to take it in daily. And I have to say it’s so hard right now being a person of any age.

The pressure to succeed is intense, the children right now are pumped with so many creative activities like music, arts not forgetting the sciences which they must perfect so that the world doesn’t get them off guard as it did with us. And when i say us, I mean the gen-z and the Millenials. In our society rather we are obsessed with perfection and wanting to be so much while we are so young so that we don’t struggle when we are older. I mean who doesn’t want to be rich when they are young right but now we are rushing and crushing, and pumping ourselves with so many standards. I mean right now we are meant to make small talk into a form of art!

Growing up is so hard and since it’s more of a choice and less of a reality, we have created a new gap, ” the emerging adulthood or the prolonged adolescence.” And what happens here, we extend our college experience indefinitely, we are re-learning skills and tips for survival purposes since the skills imparted by our parents are not of use anymore. We are learning digital detoxing so that we can stay in the present, we are learning to cook and listen to our food and we are learning to be proactive and resilient. But also we are trying to think about what will make a critical difference in our careers and relationships

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