Dear 21

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2020 has been quite the year! Schools were closed on 18th March and I thought to myself that within 2weeks we’ll be back to normal. 21days became a month and now it has been 5months and we are still in lock down. By this time, I’d be going in for my final year, I’d be done with my internship( I had not yet gotten a placement but I was hopeful that things might work out later). I was thinking about my research topic( I have not yet made my pick) and by the time school was closed, my semester was almost done. My exams were just two weeks away.

At the start of lock down i was abit relieved, I had a statistics test on 21st March and I hate math. I hadn’t read so it was great that school had been called off. But then I needed to get done with school. So during my first two weeks at home, I was reading a lot. I hate failure. I don’t like failing at all( its like a small obsession). So I needed to ace my examinations and keep that CGPA on point. There were rumors going around about online examinations and I was excited. Why!? For starters, I hadn’t completed my tuition fees, and now that a pandemic had hit, the school was more lenient to us. UCU is always lenient and understanding. At least for my campus which is Kampala campus. Their policies are favorable and always put the students first. No one is left out even when you haven’t completed fees, you can still do your examinations and you as a student together with your parents and the university find a way forward on how to solve the current debt. I cant get into much of the detail so this will be another story time. Back to the online exams saga, they were going to be done as course work. A full month for you to research and hand in. Students who wouldn’t able to do the exams due to technical issues were to do theirs when they get back to school. .It was abit of a stretch but I really hoped it would work out. The school was willing to give us free data! Now, why did i really need to get this done. I needed to finish this semester and move onto other things. I hate being on tension, my brain works with patterns and once I have an unfinished task I will not rest. During that time, I used to sleep for two hours mind you I love my sleep undisturbed. I used to check the website for UCU and the whats app messages. I needed this to get done. Secondly, hostel fees, if I get done with exams from home that means the remaining hostel fees will have to compensate for my internship accommodation. Honestly being at campus has drained my family and guardians( another story time). So I always find ways of cutting down costs. The other was the tuition,I’d have to do my exams with no worries and I’d be done. Then worry about that later. But then the exams were cancelled. Now that school was on halt, WHAT NEXT!?

Let me take you back to January this year, my word press account had locked me out so I later opened up a wix blog account. So I focused on what I liked during the lock down, I started writing more, tried learning how to sew and knit, tried braiding my hair( my hair is a lot, so braiding it is tiring so i gave up but at least I can keep it in its natural form, five months right now and still going.), looked up for hair tips and hair ingredients, started exercising cause I wanted a smaller waist. With time I also started using my social media more, especially twitter. So it seemed like life was moving forward. Until recently when a friend suggested that I should rebrand my blog cause my name didn’t make sense and my blog website was horrible( I did agree with the blog website being horrible but not with the name, she didn’t get the humor but oh well. *insert laugh and cry emojis*) .Other things obviously came up, I realized I loved activism, I am now working with a few girl organizations. I am thinking about starting my own. I mean I have moved on.But lets get back to the rebranding.

So, on July 7th, I announced that I’d be rebranding. And at the time I thought, well it just changing my name, getting my socials to pick up traffic for the blog and getting a logo. First forward to now, I have a new logo( check out the home page), I made a new better website( its not that good but better than the last and i mean way better), deleted my Instagram and created a new one( some people said its easier to rebrand with an existing account, but I feel like it doesn’t sit well with me, I need to build a trusted audience that’s already in line with my current content not one that’s used to me posting photos), one where I’d grow with my brand if that makes sense, rechecked my Facebook, deleted a few posts, looked through my bio and deleted a lot of shit, went through pinterest looked at color palettes cause I needed a new better look, by the way shout out to that’s where i got my new logo,they also have loads of templates that are amazing and finally I got the canva app and started designing my new look. Bottom line is I realized I love writing and that I can do so much with it. My new website took a whole Saturday to edit, I looked through over 100 templates on and during this journey I have learnt a lot about myself and other people. I learnt how to get an Instagram and twitter URL, i learnt how to hyperlink, there is so much I didn’t know but now I know it.

And honestly, this year has not gone to waste, I have learnt a lot about the law, the constitution, I have learnt that I actually have passion for knitting and computer related skills( I am trying to learn how to code) and I am thinking about changing my career( not entirely) but I am not going to settle for one skill or degree( another story time) this has been the most productive time in all my life. The self discovery has been immense and mind blowing, I shared a few ideas with other people and I am glad I am not alone, I bonded with a lot of people(those who know me, know that I have an issue with making friends and my communication sucks) but you know what I am working on it, and I flirted with a boy! yes, that’s a win for me! I am working on my relationship with God(another story time) there’s still so much to do and I am not going to shy away. I am going to seize every opportunity, work with more people, network, work through my weaknesses, struggle with correcting my personal life and waking up to being better than I was yesterday( more like being content and utilizing my current resources). So thank you covid-19( I am not an outgoing person and I do not miss interacting with anyone physically at all) and I am currently loving this new comfort zone!

My 20s haven’t been that bad, the start yes, the current is still bullshit and my future is uncertain but I am learning to be grateful and contented. So hello, 21! I am scared as hell but lets get this shit on the road. (I honestly hope you are kinder,I need things to actually work out for me and my mama) WELCOME TO @ DEAR TWENTIES!

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