Q/A with Fleak type

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There is always something new and exciting with the youth today. Meet Fleak type a young passionate music producer making game changing moves in the new hip-hop wave in Uganda.

1. Who is Fleak Type?

I would like to think of myself as a music passionate driven person ready to hand out music/sound “milk – shakes” to my people (hahaha), basically am a sound engineer and producer.

2. How did you become involved in music production?

I have always loved music growing up but I didn’t realize how deep I was in till like my P.7 vacation when I first set foot in studio and then it all hit me that i wanted to produce and basically just make music, the whole process I was exposed to then just got me, from then that was it for me

3. Do you think official education is needed?

Yes and No ishYes because I mean you get to go through music school. Get exposed, chill intern with great studios and stuff but audio school is pretty expensive and most average people can’t afford it, but if you can afford I would advise you to get an official education. No ish because you can learn it from anywhere, we have many great platforms like YouTube and online academies that offer free short courses besides that it’s all practice, practice and more practice, so not affording sound engineering school shouldn’t be an excuse.

4. What pre-production work would you do with an artist before entering the studio?

It varies from artist to artist but generally I would make the artist feel comfortable and at home that way am assured of getting good results when tracking or recording

5. How involved should an artist be in the recording stages?

This is different for every producer or engineer but my things is we should both be open to suggestions, I believe in people learning along the way in the process, I always advise my artists to be free and out spoken and open to constructive criticism(same goes for me )

6. Is technology replacing talent?

No! It’s just simplifying everything and making it easy for talented people to express themselves and sale their craft

7. What is studio time and sessions in Uganda like?

I can’t speak for everyone but personally a tracking session is like an hour, then recording session like 2 hours (if the artist is really good), then mixing session is like 6hour minimum (but this is done in post-production stages) so I would say 3 hours it is, that is actual physical time with a client in studio in the tracking and recording stages

8. What are the challenges you face?

They are many but the most common being the stereotype people have when it comes to “urban” music, it’s not embraced so well back home but well that’s starting to change with all the new kids and waves on the block.

9. Do you think there is hope for music production in Uganda?

YES! a lot of it actually because there is so much untapped raw talent out there yet to be discovered besides like I said earlier there’s all these new music movements with new waves that will leave you hooked

10. Talk about your music / EP (extend play)

Vybration Ep is my first studio Ep made up of 4 songs that I put out at the beginning of the year, the Ep has Gusha has the main lead artist on all the 4 song plus writing credits also go to Gusha.

STREAM MORE MUSIC BY FLEAK TYPE FORM THE LINK BELOWhttps://smarturl.it/streamVybrationEp


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