Is what you are doing healthy for your penis?

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Yes, you read that right. I’m sure this is one of those topics you don’t often see. Instead, you are always flashed with the other one I won’t say (except on those occasions when it is Erectile Dysfunction or STIs). Anyways…, welcome to this blog. This is a piece dedicated to our “guy” (the penis) and we shall talk about what we hate to be told about. Good luck!

What is the penis?

I know you are also wondering why on earth I would elaborate on such a question, which seems quite too obvious and deserves to be repealed(maybe). Let’s now delve into what penis really is. The penis is an organ which is mostly found on the male species (humans for this case). I say mostly because the penis can be found on a female or even a hermaphrodite. In a female, it may be non-functional probably because it may lack a urethra but quite often, it is mistaken for a big clitoris, a condition called clitoromegaly. The penis, made of 3 muscles and blood vessels allover them, is divided into the outer shaft (body) and the root (which isn’t visible). These blood vessels when engorged with blood, is what is seen as that implausible erection. It has a very rich nerve supply (implying high sensitivity) especially as you ascend towards its tip. The tip of the penis is covered with the foreskin also called prepuce. This is what they chip during circumcision. The body of this penis is traversed by a long pipe called the urethra. The role of this pipe is to carry urine and semen. It is of no doubt that this organ has been instrumental in succession of human generations because of its reproductive ability. Did you know the penis is called a cirrus in lower invertebrates like the jellyfish?

What is penile health?

First forward; Anything related to the penis can take up the adjective “penile”. That’s why you are more likely to hear things like penile cancer and NOT penis cancer. Penile health is our ability to maintain an erection, urinate comfortably and maybe, on a farfetched note, fertility. PS: Instead of a gynecologist, men visit a urologist in case of any challenge with their “parts”.

How do we keep it safe?

Seemingly unheard-of, the penis is also supposed to be kept clean, just like the vagina. Whether circumcised or uncircumcised, cleaning is crucial especially for the latter. These are some simple steps which could be observed as we make it clean. · Wash it with soap. It is important to note that the penis attracts a lot of bacteria which can be better killed with soap. As you take that usual bath, you can scrub it like any other body part.

· Keep it dry. Most of us know that moisture is a very good environment for growth of germs. The dryness will allow for lesser chances of infection.

· Loosen up. There is a lot of influence from the western from world luring us to wear those tights or even tight underwear. These can lower sperm production as they can keep the testes close to the body. The testes are naturally hanging from the human body because they function best at a slightly lower temperature compared to that of our bodies. The guy in this condition is likened to a bullet with injured bullets.· Boxers neat. I don’t mean you should iron your boxers but always keep them clean and dry. A lot of unrealistic discussions have sprung up on how often a man should change that underwear. The only one still winning is the one per day (all factors constant).

· What type of underwear?

“Men trying to improve their sperm count can ditch the healthy living advice but should think carefully about their underwear”, National Health Service, England. The so-called “triangles” alias briefs have been abandoned by many, not because of the lines which show up through the pants over them or even their brevity but because of the discomfort with which they carry. This is no verdict that the short-like boxers are good either. However, it is upon the consumer to find what is most comfortable and least dangerous to their life.

What we shouldn’t do.

· Because we are men, we are always pushed to the edge especially due to what society expects of us or even to look like. As a result, working out is popular among men especially of reproductive age. However, if you ever feel testicular pain during or immediately after a workout, stop the workout if it was still on. You could rest a bit to see if this pain reduces. If it doesn’t, chances are high you might have a testicular torsion. This is a very dangerous emergency so you should see the urologist ASAP.

· Avoid funny games. Some parts are actually too delicate and irreplaceable, placing them inside the body would be the best option ceteris paribus. If it is a rough game and there is no guard for your groin, quit. Let your friend aim for any other part but not the groin. · There are many don’ts and are quite inexhaustible, however, the best you could do for yourself and your future family is doing the safest practice whenever.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

It is unfair to discuss all the above minus hinting on erectile dysfunction, a disorder that even those who don’t have think they do. ED is consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It is caused by number of factors including age, medication, mood and disease. The best thing to do in case one suspects ED is to visit their doctor/urologist for the best option to go about the challenge.

Interesting facts about the penis.

Sort of a breather I should say, after all this serious talk, you deserve something that will wow you, still in the line of today’s topic.

Ø Penises are born ready.

It is common for babies to exit the womb with an erection. Even before the moment of birth, ultrasound scans sometimes show a fetus with a fully formed erection.

Ø That myth of penile size and index finger length is true.

According to the International Journal of Impotence Research published an Iranian study looking at these correlations, penile dimensions are significantly correlated with age, height, and index finger length.

Ø You can break your penis.

This is called a penile fracture and it’s mostly caused by rough sex. Watcha!

Ø The final erection.

Most people who die due to suicide have their final erection shortly after their death.

See how there is a lot about this topic, next time don’t be too one-sided ha-ha. Bye for now! The writer, Sengooba Dennis Nyanzi, is the President of Innovations for Health club (see link below). You can catch him on his Facebook (link below), he’s got more health talk for you. Twitter: NSengoobaa

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