The new corporate aka white collar job

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I read a meme on a friend’s whats-app status about how the service providers specifically those who are making the valentines gift hampers and how they are more than the people in relationships. It was funny really but then it got me thinking, how are we here. Honestly, we all knew and still know that the white collar job isn’t for most of us or it might be but we aren’t entirely dissolved in it. The circumstances in which we have grown up in altered how we look at the world. For example, most of us are getting degrees either because it’s too late to turn back, or because of our parents, or the pride or because we want to be self-employed in that field or (insert whatever reasons that you have) but I think you get the picture. The baby boomers generation faced and is still facing the same inflation although it was abit different for them. The world for them when they were 18, 19, 20, and 21 pushed for them to seek formal education or rather formal careers. Looking back at the post-colonial times, there was a gap to be filled in the various fields like courts, schools, hospitals etc. they were building or rather setting up structures in their new communities after the colonial masters who occupied these posts left. The adaptation in a world that was new and oblique was tough, also a world that was fixed on such professions and attached so a lot of importance and a certain degree of hierarchy to these positions. That’s all they knew and what they thought was needed. Whereas today, there is a dynamic shift, we are more informed and far more exposed that the baby boomers, not forgetting the open – mindedness today. So, it isn’t just the formal sector that’s filled up, there are many service providers today. Nothing is limited to one person anymore, knowledge and information is everywhere, everyone is willing to try, the population of youths is high, it’s easier to monetize our talents and still have fun. And with this, we have learnt to bargain and negotiate even for our time. There is a new mode or meaning of corporate or white – collar job and let me spare your mind of the theatrics of it just being about ‘ self – employment or starting up a small business’ our new normal corporate world today is social media’s content creation, influencing and all talent / skill related.

A generation of multi – potentials. We have been born into a time that requires us to either be extremely good at this one thing but within this great thing, there must be multiple ventures within it or for one to be diverse that is to have a foot in various fields. Thus a multi-potential generation. It might not apply to everyone but most of us are multi – potentials. And being a multi – potential might not be about the earnings but also for the love of the activities or maybe self-satisfaction or yet again a sense of accomplishment or getting a skill or networking. (Pardon my use of ‘or’ but there were so many reasons). Most multi – potentials find it easy to turn their hobbies or skills into something entertaining or something that cashes in some money. The beauty of it all is that we are all venturing into similar fields, given our exposure. Most of us are pushing ourselves into these fields that seemed unreachable. But it isn’t just about the normal physical work or setup. Today, we have to push the online agenda or rather social media. Your skills, business and passion online. Today, we look for solutions online not just the school reports but we now look for clothes, restaurants, books, etc. we search for these online. Everyone wants to enjoy the ‘comfort’ that’s I do not want to go to town in this hot weather to look for a dress but I would like to have it. Then what? Service providers today have to be flexible so as to satisfy this client. And this will push a service to change their approach and the way they are to deal with a world that is online based. Even as service providers we look for solutions or for ways on how to improve our businesses online. Marketing requires content creation even in a formal setup. But then, most of us are tapping into our talents and passions even as we choose our careers, the world today isn’t exactly looking for different but rather how you relate with audiences. Content has a hold on today’s corporate world whether you are a human rights advocate or an educator, making content is a priority. The social media today feeds on the visuals or written content whether it’s through videos, audios or even poetry, it’s all content thus the inflation. We are all trying to break through the social media matrix with whatever information or skills (meanwhile, all these skills are similar and there are no rules when it comes to social media). Whereas our forefathers thought and believed that there are no shortcuts in building a life, well I am sure that they are displeased and envious on how we are doing it today. It’s very easy to buy or get ‘ghost’ followers, it’s easy to erase info (it’s debatable) but then again social media is comprised of people whose behavior or reactions are highly unpredictable. On various social media platforms, we have witnessed a few things that are quite interesting. Two comedians might not have the same attention and hype no matter the longevity of one’s content on a platform. The audiences or people’s reaction towards one’s content is unpredictable. Whether it’s because of sheer admiration or whether the content is actually great or whether they just liked their facial expressions, we can never know. Audiences or rather people on various platforms do not have a specific pattern. When you look at influencers ’content, some might have a lot of likes with little engagement on the polls, comment section etc. there isn’t a proper formula on how to handle audiences. And with a world today that focuses more on likes, bigger followings, other than engagements on products it’s hard to build an audience. But then away from social media audiences, why are we so distant and why haven’t we perfected a stable network in this new corporate world.

Our adaptation is really good, quick to learn, most people I have met are pretty much self – taught. We are ready to see, learn and replicate or even do it better but- we are not ready to share. I feel like most multi – potentials even in the corporate world are not ready to share. Individuality in various fields is upheld. People do not or will not mind you being in the same field as them as long as they did not or don’t have to share with you what they know in that field. Yet in this new corporate world, sharing is key to building a network. How? Sharing might be through collaborations, we alienate ourselves from other people yet we can learn from each other. Collaborations might be done through making content together, sharing merchandise and showing it off in photos, videos or articles or through art. Another way of sharing is through events when people talk about events, we think of red carpets and fancy dress up. One can host a small lunch or picnic or a game night or marathons. With this you are able to talk about simple hacks, pricing issues, sharing gigs, it can boost your bargaining power. A group of photographers or models or graphics gurus or you tubers or gifting companies striking their minimum wage that’s not negotiable, getting funds to build creative spaces for people in that field which could foster interns, studios etc. I could go on and on about this. The social media corporate world is stronger when you are together. Welcome to the new era and mode of work.

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