The End times are nigh

The end times

The end times are here,

The end times are not in nor with the future,

The end times are here with us;

And now we breathe the air air with and of the dead

We walk with them every day,

What were the end times,

Who is the end time (s)

A rather ticking time bomb that we all hoped that would never happen in our time of life,

All humanity wished for it to happen in the next century.

A far distant future.

The prophecies promised a grand entrance,

the signs were to flash in front of us with a roaring stampede,

they’d storm in and claim their stand on humanity.

There’d be no sun, no light,

we were to worship stars and kiss rings of the majesties.

We would count on cards to tell us our fates,

call onto the universe for answers and signs on where to head next.

The end times are to test our faiths,

our sight, our strength,

they were meant to be harsh.

But here we are,

the end times seem much more simpler than what hoped for,

the end times have walked in on us with no warning to the inhabitants of the world.

So yes, we are now breathing the same as as the dead,

Our gods are not just the 666 but rather what we put first and adore more than seeking what we ought to find.

The rapture is the most silent of them all,

the saved leave their loved ones on this uncouth earth with no farewell or warning


This world has left us with nothing except for hate and contempt,

So yes, we are leaving our hearts empty and searching for fulfillment

Yes, we chase the moon, to offer ourselves as sacrifices to the stars.

Yes, the winds are filled with our souls in search of freedom.


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