Faint pencil scrubs

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We claim to be in a state of madness whenever we put out incandescent paintings.

Art or writings that are dark are viewed as revelations,

like most artists were hovering over the edge of their own consciousness,

a state unknown to most- they say.

Yet in actual sense darkness is second to nature: to us all. It just gets easier for it to flow out on the blank canvas for some.

So, I am sorry that I captured a few of your shames, traumas or even fantasies (which most are unfulfilled).

But it’s all in pencil and in a quick flash, a rubber can erase it.

Not so much for your reality, for fate is always in motion but the outcomes are influx.

I now know why you want me to highlight your edge why you want yourself on my mind.

I create a secret order of things, I whisper things and probably I might write you a new fate.


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