chatty neighbor

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This is a small chit chat between two mizigo mates ( more like one).Nabukalu had noticed that Mirembe was awfully silent since her return from university. She finds Mirembe in the general kitchen, trying fix a meal. She figures it’s now or never. Let’s talk about life.

(In the general kitchen, there are three sacks of charcoal lying next to a basin filled with banana peelings, a small rack with utensils at the extreme left, a few charcoal stoves and two gas cookers are in sight too. Mirembe tries to fumble with one of the sacks as she creates space for her gas cooker. Nabukalu walks in with a flask, a saucepan and maize flour. She notices Mirembe’s plight to shift one of the sacks. She rushes over to help)

Mirembe: Thank You Nabukalu (she proceeds to light up the gas cooker)

Nabukalu: It is okay. (Her eyes glued to Mirembe, she then moves next to her). About our conversation yesterday- (she pauses, Mirembe is not bothered as she proceeds to cook)

Nabukalu: So, Mirembe now that you are African, where will you find a garden with the finest rose flowers to make love in, with little rays of a dying sun bouncing on your bodies, now where will you find the time to think about a better parallel universe that squirts in your favor. Little kisses dropping on your back from Muyanja, the boy next door. I know you ‘kwegomba’ him. I know you hate Nalutaaya for whisking him away but that’s life.

(Still no reply from Mirembe, Nabukalu pretends to pick stones out of the maize flour)

Nabukalu: So Kati nze- Wama Mirembe mbadde mbuza, shall we ever have the gentle fairer sex (ahaaaaa) – chuckles ‘Nkyakubuuza nno nanti everyone says African sex is majestic, it soars and roars, conquers and commands’ (staggers and pauses looking at Mirembe who continues with her cooking)

Nabukalu: ‘A warrrrrrr in the bed with sweat trickling down that black masculine body, your fingers maiming his texture and movements.’ She adds (Mirembe walks to the gas cooker and turns it off)

Nabukalu: Ah ah Mirembe, don’t look away, but I am just asking is that how it went down in your hostel room. Would you ever race to the village to parade a choir to sing him praises as he walks home in victory. (Pause) Ye nga manyi kyi g’eyakulagako, yet again e’wamwe mukyaalo omanyiyo! (Another burst, a loud laughter fills the place): *Silence*
Nabukalu; kiki nga tonzilamu

Mirembe looks back at her as she gathers her flask and dish.

Mirembe: “Nabukalu, I like women”

Mirembe exits the kitchen


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