Sunny sorries X the new circle of life

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Sunny sorries.

To a larger extent, all normal people let others see their feelings especially when they are young and learning to be empathetic,
All people cry for being weak,
And they say sorry for being weak!

I am tired of sorries,
For sorries happen after something bad has happened or after we judge the weight of what has happened
and it matches the symptoms of something horrid happening.
But also after people have let this bad happen.
It is contemptuous to me,
a colossal waste of time.


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A New Circle of Life.
Guilt is born in the same hour as pleasure
As death is to life
As heaven to hell
As salvation to being dammed
As human to destruction
It’s all too obvious about the outcomes of man.
And it’s known that everything and anything in the universe comes with its enemy,
born with a rival or a doom.

With such a descriptive boring manual,
we conclude that life is boring.
This cannot be all that is being offered to us,
we need solutions to a longer life,
whiter teeth with more smiles and joy.
So, we go on to create a world outside this clown house.
Who wants a near ending, who wants to be done with life,
old age shouldn’t be the limit.

So we scream, ‘ science, drugs those the solutions,
let us be gods,
let us be rulers,
let us evolve
let us run to mars in fact let us stop time,
or better yet go back in time,
let’s be the tides in time.’
Till we discovered that the answers tend to be elsewhere:
So, as humans we let our subconscious find the anomaly.
Identify the breaks in the patterns,
we are in search for inconsistency in things or for the absence.
To save ourselves.



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