Father’s rhyme 3

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Hello father,

How is the dark grave!? I hope you are resting in peace. I hope you are happy with what you left behind. Mother and sister are happy, although they fight a lot. We thought about selling the house, and moving far away, because your sisters thought it is okay to give the house to that other woman.

Dear father,

I am angry that you left so early but I am happy you left. Honestly we are happier at home. Mother is reading her old notes again, and i can see her dreaming and hoping again. Of course there are a few challenges here and there but we are sailing through. I only get sad when I see kids at my hostel being picked up by their dads , that’s the only, the one time I wish you were here.

Beloved father,

Here’s my truth, here’s how I feel, I hate you but then again I love you. You are no longer my idol. I don’t look up to you anymore. You are not the dreamy superman cause you were too weak to speak up. You were too ignorant of your own strength. You protected every one’s ego and they trampled over us. But I will not keep quiet, I will not submit to family stupidity, I will not conform to worshipping people because they have money. I will put myself before anyone. And i will live, live longer than you.
Father, oh father! I really hope to see you again. I promise that I’ll be stronger and i promise that mom will be Happy, happier than she was when she first laid her eyes on you.


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