Te Amo To A Woman

Te Amo to a woman I believe that,

There is no difference between wanting and needing,

We believe what we want to believe, We believe what we need to believe,

What I do know is that the truth can evade us,

hiding behind our blind spots, our preconceptions, and our hungry hearts that long for quiet


for a woman.

Love with a woman whether it’s by accident,

it’s all death a beautiful suicide that will take me to bed with one again.

I mean after all the art poetry, songs, political stands,

it all zeroes down to just mere empowerment for these women.

Ironically, we still go back to the men, still bed men, and sometimes empower some men clearly there is love for both!

So, why aren’t we all bisexuals?

A man to the left, a woman to the right.

I don’t and never want to desert any, I want to sing for both,

and I need both, want both and love both.

To bring both forth to my family, to bear fruit with both,

and to have a life with both.

The preconception here us that I can only accept to love a woman if she is my mother, my sister, my daughter, my aunt, my best friend,

these kinds of loves seem accepted!

Pre-installed and well normal,

but I want more,

more kisses from a woman who isn’t just my lover but my wife!

Kisses from a woman who I give my life too.

No Narrow limitations!

The blind spot is your man can only accept you to have a woman if he can have a threesome with the two of you,

if he can watch you both kiss to turn himself on,

the blind spots are we have dedicated days to mothers and women in general,

we have picked out our favorites as ‘friends’ that we cheer on,

that we watch dress up with, that we share secrets with,

share a bed in the name of a sleep over, hugs, hold hands

but no, saying I love you is seen as a friendly gesture,

what if I want more,

meanwhile, why does your heart scream, why does it gasp!

What are those feelings that you can’t explain!

The tears and the heart break when she calls another best friend!


The truth is we love women and we should lay our bodies in hell fires

and profess our love to the masses.

I believe- that you are bisexual!

Te Amo


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