Talking Gym With Buganzi Magie

Hello there, hope all is good. Yet another day to read a beautiful blog. So today, I get to do a two part series called ‘Talking Gym’ where two beautiful humans share their personal stories and how they are going about their fitness journey.

And this is part 1 with Buganzi Magie ( she is a blogger too- link attached at the end of the blog ) as she shares her fitness journey. I feel like when we set goals for the gym, we forget about the baby steps taken to get there ( she actually reminded me of this and practically volunteered to answer the questions). It is more than okay not to have a personal trainer at the start, research and get your groove on. So, here is to being confident in our fitness journeys nomatter how small or abit close to impossible they might seem. Hope you enjoy, and look out for part 2 ( wink ).


What drew you to the gym?

Ans- Change in lifestyle drew me to the gym. I moved and suddenly all the “bad” food is easily accessible. Sweet snacks, overly fried food and all that. Also subconscious exercise like manual chores around the house disappeared which meant I wasn’t burning a lot of calories but I was gaining a lot and I started feeling uncomfortable in my body so I decided to start going to the gym. To get in “shape”.

How is your daily regiment like?

Ans- I don’t exercise daily. But when I do, I will do an exercise challenge off YouTube. On off days, I try and have an active day where I go for walks. If am trying to shred, I intermittent fast along side whatever challenge am doing. I hate working out on my ps so I always skip those days or just have active days instead

What do you do at the gym?

Ans- When am at the gym, I stare at the men there…😂😂 not kidding. Anyway, When it’s upper body day, I concentrate on that and when it’s lower body, I concentrate on that. I enjoy lifting weights so am not opposed to that. I do it all. But since COVID happened and gyms shut for like a year, I will need to ease into the weight lifting.

Favourite workout routine

Ans- Favourite workout is any leg exercise.

Favourite food

Ans- Favourite food is room temperature tomatoes with a bit of salt. Everything else is meh. I do have a sweet tooth too though.

What are your thoughts about steroids?

Ans- Steroids are a quick fix and can have serious after effects. Not worth it but meal supplements are okay. Vitamins and protein mainly.

How much do you invest in gym interms of time and money?

Ans- If you consider, gym membership, swimming sessions, transport, occasional meal preps and fitness wear it totals to approximately £100 per month

Do you create meal plans?

Ans- No I don’t create meal plans at the moment. It’s a next step for now. But I consum consciously.

What’s your preferred style of encouragement?

Ans- “Preferred” encouragement is seeing my clothes fit differently. I also find it encouraging to look at other people’s results from a challenge am doing.

-Buganzi Margaret

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