Talking Gym With Kagambo Douglas Bruno

*screaming* Part 2 of talking Gym is here!!! If you have just joined, ‘Talking Gym’ is a two-part series where two beautiful humans get to share their personal stories and how they are going about their fitness journey. Last week part 1 was released with Magie Buganzi ( find the link at the end of the blog ) and this week we have Kagambo Douglas Bruno on the seat. He gets to talk about his gym experience and the mighttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ‘sports palace. Sportspalace is an online shop for authentic sports jerseys and home workouts ( if you ask me, the home workouts are a pretty good deal with the whole current pandemic situation )- the social links have been pinned at the end of the blog ( do not hesitate to contact them ). Well, let us dive in.


What drew you to the gym?

Ans- Well I was drawn to the gym mostly by my passion for basketball as I found out that I had to get physically strong to play the sport and at the time I was just this chubby human

What do you do at the gym?

Ans- Well being honest I have been on quite a slump lately but during my heavy days I would work out the core every morning then do about 100 reps of 5 exercises aimed at either upper body or lower body and over the weekend play ball

Ans- Then when gyms re-opened I worked out 3 days a week the other days were more cardio-based.

Favourite workout routine

Ans- My favourite workout routine has to be playing basketball because sports generally work out the full body and I do love the game.

Favourite food

Ans- Favourite food is Big burger from CJ’s (ironic)

What are your thoughts about steroids?

Ans- Steroids I belive are a short cut to attain your fitness goals but you just have to be able to work through them most people think once you (don’t know if you mean supplements or steroids cause steroids are illegal at least some are)

How much do you invest in gym interms of time and money?

Ans- I would say in terms of investment regards time I would say 1 and a half hours daily or 1hr minimum-5 days a week, however, do have some rest days then money it’s usually if I would want to use the gym or not

What is sportspalace?

Ans- Sports Palace is a brainchild of 3 like-minded individuals with a love for fitness and sports and a desire to spread it to the world

What’s your fitness specialty?

Ans- My fitness speciality would have to be body toning and weight loss and most especially a healthy lifestyle

What qualifications do you have? ( is it necessary to have qualifications )

Ans- In regards to qualifications I don’t have that it has been mostly me watching how my body reacts to different workout routines and using that as a learning point while doing extensive research on the internet

Do you create meal plans?

Ans- I do not create meal plans however my go to meal plan is intermittent fasting

What’s your preferred style of encouragement?

Ans- My preferred style of encouragement is positive criticism.

Ans- I believe you can help someone be better by giving them positive remarks but don’t be shy to highlight their errors or mistakes so that they can be better

Are the work out sets a personal brand? Are they made in Uganda.

Ans- Yes please we had some Samples brought in to see if they could be made on the Ugandan Market and we were able to see that the materials to make these international material brands are right with us

Social media-

NB; @sportspalace has informative posts about lifestyle diseases, best exercises for mental health etcetera. Please check out there social media accounts. Also afew samples of their workout sets.

– Kagambo Douglas Bruno

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