Campus Burden

I was supposed to write this blog last year but due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t write it. But here I am writing about it. I hope to reflect on the issues and challenges that I have gone through at campus and that I am still going through. This will also encompass the way my thought process changed at the campus. For most, there is a certain picture we have about campus but is it what we think it is, is it what we envision it to be?

To answer that question, it is a yes and no. I feel like a lot happens while at the campus, sometimes we dismiss what we thought campus would be like because we are not exactly going through it. The same thing goes for dating, career advice most things in life, the advice might be regarded as useless because we didn’t see it happen to us or anyone close to us. So, we brush it off. But in an actual sense, a lot of things happen at the campus. I don’t even know how to break it down. The experiences are tailored to everyone’s perception of school or friends or money etcetera. And even my view of ‘campus burden’ might not be someone else’s struggle at all, in fact, for some it might be new, happening at a far distance or they are going through worse. But I hope that this helps someone out there.

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The first one for me in class, studies, schoolmates etcetera. My thought of campus classes was more of teamwork, people who share during classes, ‘lecturers who are supportive’ – boy oh boy was I wrong. First of all academic related issues are 20 times harder than s4 πŸ˜†πŸ˜†… or s6 ( those were my hardest classes- I am not a bright kid- so, you can imagine the struggle πŸ˜†πŸ˜†). Anyway, the schedule is crazy. It starts off well on the first for some course units ( subjects) while others you are receiving an assignment ( 10pages minimum ) the shock. And I am not saying that personal reading and research is wrong but the way we administer or rather the way we ‘approach this approach’ is frankly shallow. Personal reading and research are meant to be a guide related teaching technique. It is like challenging your students to read ahead, to get informed before your next class. Ugandan teachers in general interpreted that above as ‘ give the students a sub-topic or topic, let them read, research and write it out, I mark the assignment give them zeros, call them unserious and not go through the damn assignment. Oh, I almost forgot and then I set this same topic in the exam as a compulsory question. ( I have launched a social work and education sector on my blog and I cannot wait to share). Now our lecturers front the whole ‘we need new curriculums, serious students with soft skills, students who are involved in school programs etcetera, but mind you these lecturers are stiff and don’t realise that they too need to change. Whereas we are pushing for new curriculums, they don’t realise that these curriculums need them to be more involved- anyway back to my point, as a ‘fresher‘- the new student, it is tough adjusting. And as you keep going, you’ll receive a lot of advice about how you should strengthen your GPA in the first two years, and how this will help you stay afloat. This doesn’t get easier and also ‘you must find a way of balancing your cgpa all through’ – no one just considers the first two years, continuous scores and performances keep you afloat. Keep reading, plan your time and succeed. A lot of people will tell you that a first-class is worthless but it helps. Do not accept mediocrity, do your best at everything. Also, I know a few people say that you should get a masters after 2 years in the field blah blah- dearest reader, get that master immediately. Today even an administrative assistant needs a masters, it is a requirement. Jobs today ask for the masters, you are at a better advantage getting one immediately.

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Sub section 2- friends. When it comes to this, I just want you to know that campus is high school 2.0 pro. Why?? Before, it was just boys, little chit chat notes, someone losing your basin, gossip, sharing shoes, pins that made you get mad and fight with friends – lmaooo it is about to get harderπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ … why?? There are the media, the boys aren’t just boys they are men now with different heights, tones, money, nationalities, you now do not have a matron that will call a teacher on you- for the hostel custodian is only interested in your money and other utilities. I am not saying that you’ll get bad friends only, the good is there too but the bad normally shock us ( like what the gell is this ). I am in the evening class so most of my classmates are way older than me but there is this girl who kept bashing us about our hips, ass, lip gloss ( yeah you heard that right- lip gloss ), our statuses ( about how we don’t post ourselves going out ) and it was annoying. Imposing her campus experiences on us, ger definition of life. Then this gentleman in our class ( LORD ), never liked participating in the group work assignments and the tip of it, he was so immature during class arguments. And it was funny cause we kept getting lectures from him about maturity. My point ( s) is/are age is just a number, studying with older people doesn’t mean that they will connect you to jobs ( as everyone thought when I told them about my evening class program and yes, I hopped onto it too ), people do not exactly grow up not even you not even me. Adults are just adults cause they are bigger physically and they have larger responsibilities other than that we are kids, we sometimes never outgrow some things n, not even the bad things. So, suit up Bubu. You also lose friends along the way, old and new. It is heartbreaking ( this deserves its blog ).

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Nexttttttttt- money!!! This is/was the main backbone of this blog. ( the money was the most main, it was the most real πŸ˜†πŸ˜†). Money is one tricky thing at the campus. My parents have spent a lot on me during school. The tuition, the hostel, the shopping list ( which grows bigger, way bigger than the high school one) and upkeep lord. I pay a lot of money. First of all admission- which was 100.000 Ugandan shillings non-refundable ya. Funny story- I am currently in a private university ( and I love *and hate it* all at once). now my parents started the whole university hunt pretty late. ( and they blamed it on me who had no idea on what next πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† at that time I wanted to get a gap year and I focus on grooming my skills or going to tertiary but my opinion wasn’t needed ). Anyway, I had to go to Kampala to apply at Makerere University, this was in May and apparently, they were closed and I panicked. And misinformed my parents about it. ( trouble- I am not exactly saying the whole truth here either but you’ll get it anyway, also people know me as confident but I bever tell the truth when I am home- with my parents or my brothers, never. Why- cause I know that they’ll never believe me among other reasons * childhood trauma* even at this age, I either lie or I keep quiet – even when I am not in wrong) so, it brought a big issue and a few quarrels etc and I had to go to Uganda Christian University and I didn’t ( I panicked and in my mind, I told myself that I’d come back without them knowing and I re-apply. Why- it was 5 pm by the time I left Makerere ( i had travelled to Masaka then to lower than to Makerere ). Anyway, after the fight, I just ended up applying at us ( Uganda Christian University ). I pay 2.531.000 Ugandan shillings, it is a lot of money for you guys for the shittiest education and services on this earth. ( but I’ll get my pass slip early ). With my hostel fee ( 750.000 ), transport, food, clothes, hair etcetera. Not forgetting data expenses ( the necessity today ). I resent the beginning of a semester cause I have to go through this info every time and I always get these glaring eyes and I normally want the ground to swallow me right there. Anyway, I keep trying to find avenues to reduce the bill which sometimes doesn’t go well. ( unemployed youth tales with no skills ). So, I am stuck asking and feeling like a burden to people. ( I just want to be a potato ). And you want to experience the whole thing, the travels, the eat-outs etcetera. Wow, capitalism well done πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.

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As money is still hovering in your mind, as you are wondering where you’ll get your lunch, comes in the thought of saving. One time, me and a friend were talking about the future, not going back home after campus and I thought about saving 10.000 Ugandan shillings every month but it kept being spent on other things that I needed like photocopying notes, computer repair etc anyway, she loved the idea but then she goes on and hits me with the ‘why not every week’, and my honest reply- ‘with which money’. It is great to save but if I am trying to survive right now, I cannot afford to save or invest when I need to survive right now, when my upkeep is not even matching up to my current needs ( like I cannot afford them nor can I not afford to not have them )- but people will rush in telling you to save not knowing what you are going through.

How my darling thought process changed?? I started focusing on school. Yes, a lot of people talk about high school and the grades, and I cannot say shit ( pause ). Why? Because your girl didn’t read, I was on vibes. I didn’t read, I didn’t know why I was in school, I didn’t have any goals or anything in mind. And it got frustrating cause I was not smart and I would’ve done better. You know that little thing that you did or you repeatedly kept doing and it resulted in a much bigger ripple in your life. That’s me, I never took anything serious but I thought that it would come to me in time. It did though when I joined campus- I just chose the course cause I didn’t have any other course in mind but later after seeing my talents- wasted πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† but we move on the right. Anyway, I realised that I needed to get my ass up and work hard. Get good grades, I became intolerant of mediocrity in my academics, I’ll do my best. Aim for the moon and land on the stars. So, I am pushing on. Secondly, money. I love money, I want money and I want to make money and money is my source of happiness. ( this has in turn produced an alter ego and a few bad habits I suppose ) anyway, I was selfless too selfless and I was willing to offer my services for free, not anymore! I am learning to be more open and charge a great deal for my work. This also goes for my emotions and me- wow have I learnt a lot about myself from how I want to be loved, to how I process emotions, to how I see myself etcetera. I am still processing and learning about myself but I am glad that I am growing fierce and fearless from the way I love people to what I say to my negotiations to my sex life to how I relate to people. I am glad that I am here in my life. ( something that I’ll share- oops… a lot of things to share πŸ˜†πŸ˜† ). But I am growing, I am reading more, I am curious and going for what I want.

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My main points are done, but let me out line afew others that might be a burden.

  1. Having weird roommates ( disrespectful, dirty, gossips etc )
  2. Career ( when you realise that the course you are doing is not it but you are already 2 years into it ) -this deserves its blog
  3. Small businesses
  4. harassment
  5. Identity crisis ( I made a blog about this- I’ll put the links below )
  6. Alcohol and substance abuse ( add yours )


  • breathe, meditate gym – get healthier habits or activities or hobbies that you can indulge in.
  • Also given that our school system is weak in field related matters, this is the best time to volunteer at that company that you hope to work for in 5 years ( I regret not doing this- I started late ) but get those certificates, go for those mentorship classes, collect and achieve should be your motto at the campus.
  • Brush up your cv, get a link in your account, make a personal site for your services or talent, create a portfolio, connect and network.
  • Get your skills in check. There are free government technical schools that teach baking, tailoring, shoe-making etc, or a few individuals or friends who can teach you to crotchet, mould pots, braids- give them an appreciation of 5000 shillings, lunch, get materials. Google people that can teach you those skills, YouTube ( save up 2k each day or week and buy materials )
  • Market yourself. Tell your friends, free tests, take on free courses on google – check out Alison courses on google. Very helpful.
  • And lastly read, research ( get to know terminologies in finances, btw insurance companies also deal with selling investments, ask about more services etc

Also, Ferrister Mirembe is not an expert on relationships. ( but I might make a blog about it ). If I missed something ( which I am sure I did) well, spin it! Thats life for you.

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