“Never In A Million Years Would He Have Deliberately Left Us With That Memory, And That’s Assuming That He Had A Reason To Take His Life.”

but In fact, you saw him die, waste away, his growth in hate and the weight of having to see you witness him at his weakest point, was his final straw.

“Maybe It was The Incurable Cancer, Financial Problems, Woman Problems”

or maybe it was the hate he had for your mother and for you too. he grew tired of seeing the one thing that tied him down, that didn’t let him enjoy his life, that never let him move on with the other woman, that never let him see his other children.

Or Maybe Just Maybe

or maybe just maybe he saw the hate grow in one of you,
the distance, the nothingness that you continually showed him when you brought him his tea,
that smile that seemed oblique,
he knew that you knew and he feared that you’d tell the rest.
he died on a leash,
he felt trapped not having known what you knew or thought of him.

Oh My Goodness

well, oh well, now he’s dead and you hate him for being a coward.
he should’ve known that you would’ve understood if he left.
he should’ve chosen his peace.
he should’ve known that you would’ve been happy if he was happy.

but no, he swore to stay and now he has dawned you all to a sentence. a sentence, a cross, a burden.



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