Crossed lines


Lynn Muwanguzi and Nsimbi Hudson end up becoming roommates in a nasty little rental with no way out for the next four years of their university life. The two struggle to survive barely making ends meet, comforting one another through the tragedies and triumphs but will they ever openly admit how they feel for each other before its too late.

Random chapter.

“I thought you weren’t receiving any money- now where did this come from?” Lynn exclaimed, her left hand ran through her hair and the other was still inside Hudson’s bag. He had wanted to tell her earlier, about the money and everything that was going on. He doesn’t know why he had hesitated. Maybe the thought that by now, the money would be back with its true owner, Ann his best friend. He didn’t need the money but who was he kidding, Ann knew like everyone else, like Lynn that he needed the money and more.

Lynn had not intended to open his bag. It was not her intention, she did not want to look into his bag. In her defense, the zipper was slightly open and she was intrigued by the little golden shimmer that shone from his bag. She had wanted to fix it back and close the bag. That was all, until she got close to the bag. She had only bent towards the bag with her arms stretched forward to close it. But there it was, more of that golden shimmer. Curiosity got the better of her, she opened his bag just to get a clearer view. And there they were, golden paper notes in Hudson’s bag. More and more golden paper notes came into view when she continued to open the bag. Her hands laced the corners of the notes, her eyes glimmed with shock and surprise. She was so absorbed in the little paper notes that she had not heard Hudson’s footsteps when he walked into the bedroom but his perfume was something that always gave him away. She had felt her own voice echo through the room, her question hanging like a tiny accusation in the air.

Later, she lifted her eyes to look at Hudson. “Its a minor delivery, nothing to worry about,” Hudson replied “and this minor delivery has to be handed down in cash,” Lynn deflected Hudson’s reply. Hudson had known that this was not going to be easy, Lynn isn’t one that lets you off the hook just like that besides she knew Hudson more than she could admit to even herself. Her hand was still in his bag. And before he could say anything else, Lynn spoke once more. “I just want to know what is going on,” Her tone seemed more weary than usual and her usual sassy bold mantle in her voice was distant. “Infact, she added, I just want to know if Ann is the one giving you this kind of money-,” she broke off. “ Please tell me she is not the one, that she isn’t here again in our lives,” she bit her lower lip, she was trying her best not to let the tears roll down her cheek. She had tried not to drop her guard, not to let out a sound. Her fears were only confirmed when Hudson s lean body stiffened at the sudden mention of Ana’s name.

“Answer me Hudson- Answer me, she paused as she tried to gain momentum, “please tell me it isn’t Ana giving you this much money again,” She exhaled shakily. And Hudson knew better than to reply. She knew, so what was the point in laying down all the details. The tears couldn’t stop rolling especially after the memories started flooding her mind. When he swore to leave Ana alone or when he had made an effort with the dying roses in the vase, he had paid more attention to them in the past few weeks and now fresh roses stood in the vase in their little kitchen space. Or when his hand slid down her back in search for the zipper of her dress or when he placed more of those little soft kisses on her neck and shoulders or the first time when he noticed that their were tears in her eyes amidst the heat of the sensation or the little schedule they had put together. The mere fact that she was standing in front of the man who had turned out to be so much more than her roommate. Oh how she wants to unwind the time and tides. To refuse the offer. Who knew having a male roommate would be such a horror.

By Ferrister Mirembe

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