A writer’s abyss is their thoughts when they are writing.
Sometimes, these thoughts are in one voice saying what they bleed to be penned down,
they are in unison with the voices,
each seeking a way to your hand and then to the paper,
but sometimes,
sometimes they are not in order each thought at its highest tempo,
each thought with a voice in a different language,
each voice trying to take over your mind,
a madhouse, a dog hound with so many puppies growling unpleasantly,
but then-
then a maddening silence much worse that the chorus mumbles,
empty and gone.

a writer’s mind is a nest for a clown’s music.
A writer’s mind is a nest of deadly and yet light-hearted souls.
A writer’s mind is a nest-
a nest filled with so many wailing souls waiting for the perfect time to tune in and take over.


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