Body Aesthetics

Slow, slow- dramatic shifts,

Slow, slow- radical fists

Slow, slow- roaring misfits

In, In and out, out with the natural orders,

In and out, out with the growing tensions,

Brewing disruptions, in and out-

Amidst the small upheavels in this life,

Lies the slowest revolutions,

Lies a fight with loss

Lies a body covered with black dried petals of roses,

Lies a gardener with a shovel,

Lies the thorns at their feet,

Lies the seas, hot with an unbecoming voids,

Lies the leaf stamps left behind by voices,

Lies a hole in the skies the size of their dead hopes,

Lies the gardener digging through the dead hopes

Lies a limp ‘whore’ spying on the gardener,

Lies a limp ‘whore’ flying in the small dark room, unseen-

Lies a ‘whore’ de-opening the relationship with herself,

Lies the ‘whore’ willing to become more in her own, needing herself to be more.


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