my cold lover

True inspirations are hard to fake.

The brain will always find the genesis of a certain idea!

We never begin them, we always find ourselves in the middle,

It’s all our reality, we create it and breathe life into it

Its only when we wake up that we suddenly feel like something was strange.

He brought me into his world! I was the architect.

So sure of my job and I was here to see it through, to get the job done!

His projections populate the dream and I was meant to create something different.

These things hardly call for sentiments.

Emotions are supposed to be a simple void that we are the avoid.

I was supposed to create images that are different from a memory.

I was supposed to fill it with imagination. Or else she’d know!! She’d come!!

There’s a closed paradox. A certain loophole. A calm reminder of how he betrayed her.

They had grown old together although she’d died at an early age.

The beauty with love is that you travel together to all worlds, seeking nothing but a firm settlement.

Even when your hearts beat as one, there’s always an adventure awaiting You!

I thought that I would replace her! But she was deeply rooted in his soul.

He tried to offer the kindest and warmest hugs but I still felt her presence.

It was all better when i hadn’t known about her existence.

Now i cannot stop thinking about how far………..


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