Cocktail groove; 4 simple cocktail recipes that you can try out at home during the lockdown.

It is July and its wine and whiskey month for me and my blog. And today I start off with a mixologist – Robert the Pearl Mixologist. Who works at Platia Kololo at a bar called the safe. Hope you enjoy the little blog.

Qn; Who is a mixologist?

Mixologist is an individual with a passion of creating extra ordinary cocktails.
A person who can do a cocktail with any thing edible.
Thats a little I can say about a Mixologist

// a few new words or things to note before we dig in. //

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1. tonic water.
Its a soda which is more of lemonade
2. mix sour is a mixture of sugar syrup and lemon juice.

Qn; Do you have any special cocktail recipe that you like and one that is your favourite?

I have a lot of my own signature cocktails.
That I create. And one of them is a twist on the gin and tonic.

I personally like a gin &tonic
So I made a twist on it where I added fresh strawberries. And now being served where I work during the Happy hour. ( Its nice and people have liked it ) – love it when someone is confident with what they do.

Basically it has ;
Fresh strawberries
Mix sour
Then top up with tonic water

Then some cocktail recipes
We have classic cocktails and these cocktails are served around the world i.e cocktails that can be found in all bars around the world.
Then we have signature cocktails.
These ones are crafted on individual basis.

Simple home cocktail recipes

Basically this has 1 part gin and 1 part tonic water.
Mix sour
Mint leaves
Top up soda water

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Gin & tonic

Recipe 2

Top up ginger beer
Bourbon whisky

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Mosco mule

Recipe 3

Bourbon // rye whiskey, sugar ( 1 cube ), an orange peel, ice cubes, angustura bitters

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Old fashion; a cocktail that was crafted way back in 1880. It is a cocktail made for whiskey lovers.

Recipe 4

White rum, fresh lime, 2 teaspoons of sugar, soda water, mint leaves

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A mojito; is a rum based cocktail that was created in the 19th century.

And there you have it. 4 home cocktail recipes to get your weekend groove on. Please drink responsibly. Till then.

Twitter handle for Robert the Pearl mixologist – ( he is available for events ).


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