Types of wine drinkers coupled with your wine personality.

Why hello there- it is wine for me and bare 20. For starters, I know nothing about wine and whiskey except for the love and adoration I have for it, I don’t have much experience to back up these wine and whiskey blogs. Why wine and whiskey?? They are interesting beverages. For whiskey its tempting and it is one drink that appeals or rather seeks out my inner most desires in a sexy way, I feel secretive and powerful when I drink whiskey. It is not shy and I find it bold as it exhumes its energy and power over me. I love love whiskey but today it is about wine.” – I wrote this intro in June ( same goes for the next paragraph, Infact the whole blog ) – although I changed a few things ( you’ll notice the change in mood and energy ). I was hoping to make wine and whiskey blogs but a few things changed. But I decided not to delete it. Like I said my mind is always heavy, always mumbling plus the raging emotions. And this is the last wine blog entry this month.

I love wine and its sophisticated nature ( so they say ) and yes, I am always tempted to steal a wine bottle at a wedding and other occasions. I have tested or drank wine a few times, I didn’t sniff nor twirl ( but the next time I’ll do it ). Wine is one of those things that I want to turn into a hobby this doesn’t exclude the drinking. I want to collect wines, immerse myself in the vineyards etcetera. I had to do a lot of reading and I asked a few people about wine. So, I thought I would start with wine personalities and the type of wine drinkers. I married them together. Although the first segment goes for types of wine drinkers and the next segment is for wine personalities. Hope you love and enjoy the blog. ( I dropped in lots of images cause I feel like one could connect with the wines a lot more through imagery. ) I also thought it’d be exciting to relate these to Disney characters ( I wanted to relate them to my favorite series but no-one likes magician nor the witcher nor the firm nor all the other series that I love ). But since disney series or movies are popular, I’ll definitely throw in a few references and maybe from some other movies like tenet or avengers who knows. 😂😂😊

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sweet’ types; are picky wine drinkers and have a preference for light, soft on the tongue ( a simple feverish sweet taste that bounces on their tongue- a sweet teaser ), delicate ( not rushed- one that slowly bites their taste buds with an easy flow ), bursting with sweetness. Other types of wines seem alittle too harsh in alcohol or strong in flavour. ( funny how they’ll prefer a sugar free juice 😂😂 ). The new comers or first time wine drinkers would definitely play it safe with the sweet wine. They’d prefer slow romance, sweep them off their feet gently- they might seem dangerous but they are little softies who prefer golden walks other than rough untethered surfaces. I mean why go hard if you can have it soft. I’d relate these to the little mermaid or Aladdin ( with abbu- his trusted associate and monkey pet ) or *the main actress – the blonde from tenet, vision ( from avengers- he is scared of adventure, too scared of letting go and hurting the people around so I guess he’d like to play it safe or by the rules ).

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‘Hypersensitive’ types are more adventurous, living on the edge, sparing no wine label in sight. They love to feel and see the wine for themselves ( colourful ads are not enough to convince them ). Exploring is their middle name, but prefer clean-crisp wines that aren’t too loud on the flavour front. Abit choosy sometimes, things like changes in temperature or even a small change or tingle in the wine that was not present when they started tasting will reel them off. *I’d say princess and the frog

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Thee ‘sensitive’ types. According to Tim Hanni’s sensory sensitivity spectrum, the sensitive wine drinkers are flexible, free-spirited, adaptable and adventurous and enjoy a wide range of wine tastes. They enjoy the delicate whites, roses to the full-bodied reds. They do not discriminate. According to Tim Hanni, the majority of wine drinkers fall into this category. I guess its human for us to be curious, to actually live to taste and tell what the wines are like. So, yes these are the typically free spirited people. Moana would definitely be a sensitive drinker, doctor Strange.

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And finally, we have the ‘tolerant’ types that crave intense, powerful flavours and can’t understand why others drink or even prefer “wimpy”, “soft” or “delicate” wines. Why have a soft touch when you can rock it harder. And yes you guessed that right- these are the straightforward and decisive people ( and often they are desirable, sophisticated, sarcastic, silent, watching you worship the light wines. In their minds they see you as little land locked pricks who know nothing about life and living ). They have a preference for the rich, full-bodied red wines ( going in for the kill )- I’d call these cruella, Tony Stark, the black widow aka natasha ( avengers ), Marie ( Malcom & Marie ).

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Time for wine personalities

I am new to this” wine drinker. The most honest wine drinkers. Why? They admit that they know nothing. Yes, they are new to this or they have tasted wine like once or twice. They normally drink it on special occasions, they’ll always ask the waiter about they would recommend, they’ll stare at the bottle studying the ingredients written on the bottle. Wine never sticks to their memory but they want to drink it, they like it. They want to see how it goes so, an affordable easy going wine is just what they need.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy ( my favs 😂😂 )
It has to be ridiculously sweet. They will call up the waiter like they are going to order the most explicit, compliće wine on the menu. They might as well wear the ‘Where are your sweet wines” tag on their foreheads so that you know that all they want is some damn sugar or even extra in the wine. Might try to convince y’all to buy the same damn wine cause they internally trash your un-sweet wines ( they don’t trust your taste and theirs is always better and it gets better). If you donot hear their cries to you about getting the same wine, they’ll start off with “isn’t that too dry, too tannic, how do you handle this,” If there’s no sweet wine well then they have to find a way to make it bearable for themselves. ( their happiness and meal, all depend on this sweet ‘rare’ drink and if not found well then- 😂😂😂 kiss your peace good bye ).

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The Wine nerd // Enthusiast // advocate ( you name it )
The Friend you’ll call up for any wine inquiries whether it is price, pairing with foods, occasion etcetera. That boujee friend that will look cool pronouncing the french wine names with the exquisite and effortless inclinations. They know their wine and are always learning. Spends their weekends at vineyards, trying different wines and getting to know more. You might find them out of drinking water at their home but the wine cellar never runs out. Forever swirling and sniffing the wine when you go out, trying to detect the aromas so she can log another wine. She’ll blabber about the grapes, the conservation, storage, manufacturing process etc.

The Socialite Drinker
( Never knows much about the wines but for some reason they know how different wines taste – but it all serves a purpose. They want to show off. Wine is of no importance to them. )
They want everyone to know what they are drinking, what they prefer because her bio reads ‘wine lover’ and they have to match up the title. Whether they actually love it or not is a mystery. Out there drinking the most expensive, rare ( telling you how she has heard about it and has always wanted to try it out ), wine from the wine list. They are mostly into the red and sparkling wine ( thats because she already tried out the whites when she was twelve with her dad ).

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Adventurous Drinker
They will try anything and are open to trying something new. Sticking to the same order is boring – tease them, excite them. Their taste buds demand more and different. They love drinking and are passionate about wines. They aren’t interested in getting to know the grapes and the heaviness, light or other specifics but they always know which country the wine hails from. Always on the look out for a new favourite wine.

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“I mean I don’t mind it but ….” But either they had a bad experience with it or they just hated its complexion or even packaging or even the way the bottle is shaped. Type A of exclusionary wine drinkers. They don’t want nothing to do with that grape nor wine entirely. Drama!! 😂😂

“I prefer or I only take….”. Type B of “exclusionary” wine drinker. They think of themselves as controversial. “I tried it out last time with Ian but there was something missing- I cannot explain it.” Then what is it? These kinds of drinkers feel more glamourous but funnily they are in a narrow box. This statement (s) is often said and they often tag it on themselves like its some sort of status symbol, as if one wine was more prestigious than another. As if they are the beginning and ending of the wine. Their opinion about the wine is very very important. Drama!!

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I think I should pair these together, a moody drinker, I only drink reds or whites, for the gram etcetera. A moody drinker- I’d like to think that someone who orders red wine because they are happy to match their mood is a moody drinker. Or having a white delicate wine when they feel calm and imperial. Or when they want to feel calm and imperial, they go for a wine that symbolises the calmness. The wine has to match up to what they feel or want to feel. Then the I only drink reds ( even when it is so damn hot ) or I only drink whites. ( no spirit of exploration but we carry on ). You can keep your kind recommendation to yourself, for they’ll throw at you the “what part of I only drink red wine don’t you understand?”. The gram fascists, “get me the red cause I got my nail claws on – in red”. Picture perfect is all they care about. There is nothing special about your goddamn wine or they only drink wines because its a sponsorship, a gig, so they try it out, google some facts, make some content and voila.

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“I never spend more than _ for a bottle of wine”. They aren’t usually looking for a specific wine, just a great wine at a great price that fits their budget. They are happy with what they get. If they are impressed by another kind of wine, they’ll save up and come back sometime to purchase it.

And there you have it. I had so much fun reading and finding out more about wine. Did you see your wine personality, what type of wine drinker are you? I am a moody drinker 😂😂 and I am a tolerant drinker. ( oops! though I love trying out new wines ). Hope you loved it.

Yours truly; Ferrister.m

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