To a new start, Part 2

It is the blog’s birth month and I am not excited! I am exhausted though but I am writing cause it helps me break down my emotions and it is my way of resting anyway. I think it has been 2 or more months since I took over the blog. And this hasn’t been my first blog site. And I am here to tell you all about it.

I started blogging in 2019, around April. I was living with my aunt and I had just joined uni. I was passionate about mental health at the time and I was running an instagram account with a friend called black no remedy – still about mental health. So, this friend suggested that I should start blogging. And voila I opened up a wordpress site – whose name I donot remember. I wrote afew articles – I think around 2 or 3. But I wanted more, I liked researching and all but I wanted more! I wanted to write about other things. It was a safe space and I actually enjoyed writing. The more this feeling built up, the more I enjoyed less if blogging about mental health. And everytime that I wrote an article, I ended up ranting about other things other than mental health, with time it started to feel like a chore cause I actually didn’t like blogging about mental health, I wanted to write about other things! Writer’s block clocked in. I didn’t know what it was at the time but I stopped blogging for a while.

After 2 months, afew friends asked me why I had stopped blogging. I didn’t exactly have an answer cause I didn’t know why I felt like writing wasn’t my thing anymore, why the ideas weren’t flowing in and most importantly why I always trailed off when I blogged. They listened though and encouraged me to start over, they said that I didn’t have to stick to one niche and that I can write about alot of things other than mental health. So, I took it ( although I hated the idea of starting over ) I just took it – it took a whole damn year. Close to year – I think around 11 months. I slept on the idea of starting over for a whole damn year. In September 2019, I moved out of my aunt’s home to hostel. There was massive changes going on. Sex, boys, cgpa, emotions, photography etc. Infact during this time, I navigated my freedom so much. It felt so damn good. I liked it. I evolved ( this deserves its own blog ). Anyway, this takes us up to March 2020, I felt the urge to write again! I was boiling, itching to share. To share what? – you ask. I didn’t know at the time. Anyway, I downloaded the wordpress app, got my notebook that had my log in details and guess what – well it locked me out. I failed to log in. I tried for 3 days straight and nothing! I cried ( alittle bit ), I was frustrated. I told my friends ( who were offline at the time ), so I googled alittle bit, saw afew options and wix seemed easy to use. I hoped on to it. I rushed but in my defence I needed an outlet and the only thing my mind was pounding on at the time was blogging And thus the era of was birthed.

So, I said goodbye to wordpress and got onto wix. The app was really friendly but some things were confusing. But that didn’t stop the raggae, I googled the things I didn’t understand and dived into the writing. I lost 2 articles along the way – they just magically disappeared. I was so angry! Maddened! I cried some more but I carried on and the 3rd one finally stuck! It was around 2am, my roommate was asleep and due to my bad phone battery I was seated next to the charger – blogging my hands away. I tried to re – read and edit ( which by the way I hate doing ), this lasted up to 4am. I took abreak. I went to bed knowing that tomorrow I’ll release my blog. The next day was a Sunday, I published the blog, sent the link around and I was happy. But this didn’t last for long. Afew friends said that the link re – directed them to google play and they were supposed to download the app inorder to read it. Guess what? I hadn’t created a site, I had just created a wix account. And I ran to google, typed in how to create a wix site blah blah blah! If you had seen me in that moment and time, you’d think that I had run mad! I was so damn exhausted with my 3 hour sleep and now this! I needed a break. Madness!! After an hour and a half of searching and I did not waste any more time – I created the site. The app asked me afew questions and voila there it was. I didn’t think it through, I just wanted it done – I put a random name, put a random image from my pinterest app. When it was all done and I saw the ‘you have successfully published your site’ notification, I shared the link and slept off. ( take note that this will come back to haunt me, just keep reading. The link to my first blog – )

First blog post on wix

Later on that month, covid 19 sprewed and a lock down was initiated. I was almost done with my second semester, 2 weeks away from doing exams. I was so unprepared, exhausted. I can’t explain how much I needed this break and it came through. There wasn’t much to do in the lockdown so I started blogging. The blog name was sweet treats – a friend of mine thought it was silly and it didn’t make sense. But I liked it. So, I kept blogging, I shared links with friends, did some poetry collaborations. Until this same friend told me to actually look into rebranding and a better site. I was like huh, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Boy was I wrong. She advised me to use a computer this time round, just to see how the site looks like! And I’d like to say that it looked horrible. I’d like to point out that I used a phone to create the site since I didn’t have a computer at that time. Horrendous😂😂… everything was allover the place. And I decided to take a month off to rebrand. I have never created a site, the little website knowledge that I have from my s4 classes didn’t help much. So, I made google tutorials my friend and given that wix is a CMS, it was alot easier otherwise I wouldn’t handle the coding and all. Anyway, I tried to make things work but the site was just falling apart. I hated the colors, the font, the layout, it was disgusting. So, I decided to start over again – with wix though, I created a new site ( using a computer this time ) and I nailed it.

I think it took about 5 hours for me to choose which lay out I want, the font, colors( i am color blind) etc. I started thinking of names for the site, looking for logos, copying and pasting the old blogs. It was alot of work. But I came through- I asked people questions, I googled, I read and did the work. I got my logo from free piks, used canva to edit it and uploaded it. Looked into categorising my blogs. Funny fact about this, the categories I have right now are not similar to the first ones except for miniadulthood and poetry. The rest are all new. I had different interests back then and right now I had diffrent interests so the categories could not fit in to what I wanted to write about now. I remember I had a creative section, health and relationships, lifestyle. But some of them I absorbed them into mini adulthood then the creatives category switched ti features and guests – I thought it would be better that way since I’d be talking to various people and not just creatives. The rest if the categories are new. Anyway back to wix, I worked on the socials too. I got a new instagram account, chose a pattern. Infact, I deleted my old instagram accounts to focus on the instagram account for the blog ( also because I always delete my socials why? – I’ll talk about this in the dear 22 blog tomorrow). Any who, I zeroed down to calling it ‘dear twenties’ and I launched it off on 10th August 2020. I was over the moon. I had done it. Little did I know that another writer’s block was looming.

September 2020, the cancelled exams were to be attempted in this month and semester was to begin immediately. Anxiety crept in. I was back to this! But what was I to do – we did the onlineexams and the new semester began. And I fell back behind. I wasn’t able to catch up, the university was disorganised but it was mostly on me. I was not ready for school and alot was going on at the time. I couldn’t afford school and with my little sister heading back to school at the same time, I asked for a dead year. But I didn’t write again until January 2021. I was in a state that I couldn’t explain. I didn’t want to eat, I cried alot, I slept every now and then, I couldn’t feel anything. I used to hold in my pee just so that I could feel something. I had moments where I had to fight to breath, I’d take in large chunks of air at once but it felt like my pipes were closing in. Anyway it took a while, I wrote again. I put out my links again. With time, I started thinking about transferring to wordpress.

Around February 2021, I started asking around about wordpress. Again! 😂… I’ll not deny, I was biased. But then again numbers don’t lie – it has very many users and a great writing community. I sent a text asking for advice in the afrobloggers group and alot of people encouraged me to join. So, I started making preparations ( again ) for a great move but first I looked for old site. When I found it, I deleted it and created a new site. You know the drill, I transferred my posts and settled in. I loved it and wondered why I had left in the first place. Turns out around that time when I was trying to login, the app was under going construction so thats why I was locked out. Arggghhh!! Anyway, things worked out. This is when the saga comes in.

Around March 2021 or was it April, a message was sent in the afrobloggers group. I was not intrigued at first but I re – read the text, boyyy I wanted in on it. Someone was giving away their site, all you had to do was write an email to email address about why you want it and how you’d use the site. The site had an audience already, 168 followers at the time or ecen more and a domain name that was already oaid for. I wanted it. To be honest, I had never heard about bare20 at all. But her posts were amazing and at some point I wondered why is she giving it up. Anyway, wrote the email and sent it in. I kept writing on the deartwenties blog and I even forgot about it. I carried on with life. Not until May 23 2021, when I saw that beautiful email. I was not so happy but it was a surprise. It isn’t that I didn’t want the site, its just that when I opened the gmail app, I was expecting another email and it wasn’t there. But with time, I warmed up to the idea.

At first, I wanted to make this blog into a food blog and interior design. I was stuck between maintaining my new wordpress acount – deartwenties and bare20. I had just transferred and now I have to do all that work again! Jeeze😹😹. Anyway, I decided to take on the site and its name. Cause changing might have caused alot of confusion. And here we are ladies and gentlemen. I finally deleted the deartwenties site on wordpress and wixsite. We now have 423 followers. And I’d like to say thank you to the original author of bare20 ( I don’t know her name ) but thank you for this platform.

What have I learnt? Sometimes, writer’s block is your writing soul telling you to venture else where. Try new writings, try new topics! And the biggest – starting over isn’t so scary. And I’ll always start over and take it in step by step. Also, Writing is a career and I want to win in it. I am still afraid, alot of things might happen but that’s just it with each career, it is never easy. So, cheers and aurevoir!


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