On the 13th of August 2021, HONEY TV launched a pan African-grown cooking show ‘House of Chefs’ with South African celebrity chef and restaurant owner, Siba Mtongana (well-known for her best-selling volumes, Welcome to My Table and Siba: Let’s Cook, which contain genuinely South African dishes. She was also a hostess. Siba’s Table is her cooking show on DStv’s Food Network.) And Ugandan TV personality, Sheilah Gashumba. Where, eight young trainee cooks from Ghana, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia compete for an internship at Siba Mtongana’s restaurant in Cape town. The show is unique and vibrant for not only must one have great cooking skills to stay in the competition, but one has to fight to stay in the game too, and if one is voted out, one needs to scramble to find a way back in.
And today we have Joseph Odoom representing Ghana in the house of chefs show, who shares his experience as a chef and in the show.


Chef Joseph Odoom is a Chef at Fulani Kitchen in Ghana which specializes in nomadic dining headed by Chef Binta. He has a Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality Management & Administration. Whereas at some point in high school he thought of becoming a farmer, the food shows on euro max that showed European food cuisines, the CNN business traveler by Richard Quest, an adventurous mother who explored different meals and being surrounded by cooking books at a very young age marked the spot and he was destined to become a chef. Joseph delved more into afro fusion desserts and pastries while working as a Demi pastry chef at the Villamonticello boutique hotel in Accra where he worked for over one and a half years. He discovered his love for pastries and he is mastering and sharing his craft on his socials.

QN- A favourite African cuisine?

ANS- Chef Joseph says that a few dishes that he has loved are; the mpoto-mpoto meal from ( has dried fish, cassava, onion, palm oil, tomatoes etc. ) which is also one of the first meals his mom taught him, the pap from South Africa and Maffe ( peanut sauce ) from sierra Leone.

QN- Experience at the house of chefs.

ANS- ‘Super awesome, so lovely meeting talented chefs’ we bonded so nicely, and I realized that our dishes are very similar although they have different names,’ says Chef Joseph. He added that competition is fiery. ‘we got to pick teams, we had to protect our teammates then getting to play politics insert laugh anyway I got to learn so much.’

QN- Favorite memory from the show and who would you love to cook with again.

ANS- Chef Joseph liked it when Londeka would sing in the morning to wake them up and he would love to cook again with all the chefs but he’d definitely love to cook again with Chef Thabo ( from South Africa ) and Chef Ingrid ( from Rwanda ).

QN- A word to the youth who want to become chefs.

ANS- ‘The world of chefs isn’t all that glamorous, you need to work hard. As a chef, you hardly see your family and friends. On your day off – some of your friends are working, you are working during holidays. Put in the work, explore, ask questions about what you don’t understand, invest in yourself, if you get an opportunity to advance then go for it. Believe in your craft and own it.’

QN- Favorite food quote

ANS- ‘Knowing your ingredient is the foundation of fixing our food system ‘– by Chef Binta
If we know our ingredient in and out then we can learn how to manipulate it and explore its tastes to make better food.

Follow him on his instagram for more –

And that’s all from chef Joseph. Catch House of Chefs on DSTV channel 173 and enjoy.


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