A new heart beat to Uganda’s music status – Shawn Maine

Africa – bold and gyrating is not a mere ad that you see on any television! The youths in Uganda are definitely owning this label and moving by it. Spreading their wings and soaring high to show off what they have got.

In today’s piece, we meet Shawn Maine. A young artist in Uganda who is changing the music scenery. His soothing voice is one that leaves a longing thirst for more of his music. Although he is a reserved and laid back man, his music gives a much deeper insight in who he is as a person.

Coming from a large family and being a last born growing up around teenagers who were into music laid a solid foundation for his love for the beautiful art. With singing sessions in church and school, he eventually decided to head on and follow his dream.

The artist says that he would describe his music as heartfelt. “Every word I write and beats that I made come from the depths of my heart and soul so I’d like to describe it as heartfelt music because it is as sincere as you hear it”

The artist also categorizes his music as ‘alternative RnB.’ – since most of the music that he has made so far leans more to the alternative RnB. He adds on that at the moment he goes for any genre like soul, Afro pop, dancehall etc.

A sincere touch is something that you’ll feel in his songs for his creative process is all about ‘building from scratch’ – It doesn’t get much clearer than that. I build everything from scratch, the beats with the producers and lyrics. I’ll walk into a studio and build the beat with the producer I’m working with and write to it at the same time with whatever feeling I get from the beat.

Like many other artists, they are inspired by certain emotions that they feel and actual things that they go through and Shawn Maine is no different. When asked about the inspiration behind his latest Ep – After pain, he briefly highlighted that it was sparked up by a phase in his life where he was going through a lot of pain when it came to love and life. So what I love about it most is that every word and story told on there is as honest as it could get so it was a form of healing for me. Adds the artist

The young artist’s favorite performance was at the blankets and wine event where he shared a stage with Jidenna. While his favorite part about being a musician is being able to be apart of people’s stories in life. ‘Because the music that is made means different to the people that listen to it so it feels nice knowing I helped people heal or have a good time at a certain moment in time.’

Most of us wonder which song an artist would choose if they were at gunpoint. Shawn Maine picked I Hope by him and You’re The One by Elaine.

As for his thought on the Music culture in Uganda! One word dearest readers – GROWING (and I couldn’t help but agree)

In a world that has pushed us into using more social media, Shawn Maine thinks that this has GREATLY impacted the music business. The artist adds that, “it’s now much easier to access releases from artistes and also get in touch with other creatives that are in different parts of the world. So it’s been a much more positive impact in the music business than anything else.

We all believe in change as youths and Shawn Maine agrees. He says that the one thing he would change in the industry is the way people control others in the industry. The artist continues to say that – The people in the industry are selfish and have less knowledge about the music business but want to dictate every move for their own profit which in the end doesn’t favor the artistes they push or help their art grow in whatever way it could.

As youths, we have sought advice from people and some of it is worth sharing. The best advice Shawn Maine ever received is, “No one owes you a shit, not even your parents, so you have to work twice as hard without expecting anything from anyone.”

And there you have it. Stream Shawn Maine’s music. It is worth it.


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