An artist with flare – Ibrahim Kizza

Despite the gloomy mood or reactions when it comes to the creative sector in Uganda, most youths have not backed out of this field. They are soaring to take it on and grow with it. One of the many youths today in the QnA is Ibrahim Kizza, a talented digital artist whose artwork and characters focus on celebrating and inspiring black people. An artist whose love for visual telling and conceptual art aims at representing black people in a beautiful way. Hope you enjoy the article.

Qn 1; Who is Ibrahim Kizza? 

Ans;- Ibrahim Kizza, I am a self-taught digital artist, illustrator and graphic designer. When not designing or doing i’m probably bumping some music on full volume, series and movies or learning a new cooking recipe. 

Qn 2; What pushed you to pursue art? 

( Why Do You Make This Type of Art?Why are you drawn to this subject? How do you choose a theme? Giving a behind-the-scenes look into what drives your art is an excellent way to begin building an emotional connection with your audience. )

Ans;- Art has always been a big passion of mine, I still vividly remember at the age of 10 watching my cousin, Musa doing pencil portraiture and going like i wanna be able to do that too. Then as I grew up I got introduced to the history of art which was very fascinating and other creative arts such as performing arts, wood works. 

Fast forward to 2020, money issues and the COVID 19 put a hold on my studies. I found myself opting for online classes. That’s when I began to take my creative journey seriously and completely fell in love with the idea of being an artist and a designer. In the process of studying graphic design, I found myself back to the passion I always had which is art and a new medium to express it which is digital art.

Now it’s part of my daily life. 
From the beginning, my art has been about celebrating people and immortalising beautiful moments. It’s been my way of celebrating those I love, a way to show them my love I guess I took the statement “a picture speaks a thousand words” very big hehe. 

Qn 3; What Inspires You? ( What connection do you have to your art? What motivates you? ) 

Ans;-  I draw inspiration from everywhere, the conversations I have, nature, colours, fellow artists… etc. I’m mostly motivated by making our surroundings more beautiful. 

Qn 4; How Do You Make It? (Why do you use certain materials? What techniques do you use? Is there a connection between your process and your artwork’s message? Explaining what goes into a piece can help buyers grasp the significance and scope of your work.)

Ans;- My art is digital so I use a laptop and design programs which include Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I start with an idea or a theme for example Black Women are Art, then reference images and from there I can do sketches. colours sometimes come before or after depending on the theme and what i’m trying to achieve. and I pay close attention to the details to give a final result. 

Qn 5; What Does Your Art Mean to You?( How do you interpret the meaning of your work? )

Ans;- Art keeps my head on my shoulders. Art is a way to focus my energy, a form of expression. Its an extension of my personality and communication which can’t be portrayed by words alone.

Qn 6; How would you describe the art industry in Uganda? 

Ans;- The art industry in Uganda is something I’m still trying to navigate. But it’s a big community and it’s growing and a big thanks to organisations such as MOTiV that are giving artists platforms to showcase their work. 

Qn 7; How did you start and how have you been able to push on in Uganda? 

Ans;- I started online, Instagram and Twitter and that’s how I have been pushing. I’m lucky I have gotten people who relate and also keep sharing my work.

Qn 8; What would you tell a young artist in Uganda?

Ans;- Detach yourself from all the ways you think art should be and follow what’s exciting you. Risk and have fun in your creation.

For more art work by Ibrahim Kizza, follow him on his twitter account – IbrahimKizza_ or through his link tree account – ibrahimkizza


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