Business catalogue 2 – Kanyomozi Rabwoni

After weeks of a massive writer’s block, Business catalogue 2 is here. And today we have Kanyomozi Rabwoni, a very beautiful, bold lady who has surfaced in the entrepreneurship field with a tremendous push and has definitely succeeded. She is newly born author to “On the job” ( out now, you can purchase it at ugx.40.000 – contact Kanyomozi Rabwoni ), a content creator and tv /radio personality.

Hope you enjoy the article.

Qn; Who is Kanyomozi Rabwoni? 

Ans; Kanyomozi Rabwoni is a young multifaceted individual who works on television and radio, is a content creator under Konversations with Kanyomozi, an entrepreneur running Oboniire a store that sells Afro centric accessories and Amaka that deals in small scale interior decor. I’m also recently an author of a book Titled “On the Job” ( out now, you can purchase it at ugx.40.000 – contact Kanyomozi Rabwoni )

Qn 2; Talk about your business?

Ans; I have two businesses. Oboniire is a year old and a month now, it means “you’re beautiful” in runyakole. We produce Headwraps, brass jewellery, beaded anklets and waist beads and leather handbags.
Amaka is launching soon but it’s set to sell and produce interior items and decorations. Amaka means homes in rutooro. I want for every space we’re part of to feel like a home.



Qn 3; What inspired you to venture into this business? 

Ans; Money and passion. I’m passionate about looking good and doing so effortlessly and I like that I was able to transfer that on to my clients. 
I am inlove with beautiful spaces and I ventured into that industry because I knew I’d love to see my ideas with customer’s ideas come to life.
I’m also a creative and that means I have so many ideas that needed self funding so I look into my businesses to do that for me.

Qn 4; Which critical business questions crossed your mind  before starting a business? 

Ans; Who is my audience? What can they afford? How do I make this purchase more valuable to the client? How do I keep clients coming back? 

Qn 5; Which social media platform do you use the most to boost your business? 

Ans; Instagram. Both businesses have a visual element to them and Instagram makes it easier for clients to see. 

Qn 6; How do you use this platform to market and manage your business? 

Ans; Weekly posts of the items and prices. I do #WrapWednesdays for Oboniire to show clients how to do their wraps as well as posting clients to build a community. 

Qn; Which tools or apps have you used to create content for your social media? 

Ans; Video apps and TikTok are my constants. Yet to learn how to do more. 

Qn 8; How would you describe the business landscape in correlation to the social media in Uganda? 

Ans; A lot of people had to move to social media especially with the recurring lockdowns. I also know that for a lot of people starting out in business, it’s been cheaper to start with social media then grow out. 

Qn 9; Which challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur? 

Ans; Social media shut downs have been my biggest hurdles. I work solely on social media and that means business is closed. The lockdowns have also affected the business. I also had to learn how to manage money better and made some mistakes on the way. Away from those, it’s been a pretty smooth journey for me. 

Qn 10; What kept you pushing and which lessons did you learn? 

Ans; I love my brands. They’re all passion projects so they’ve never felt like a task, if anything, they bring me the most joy. Consistency is key even on the days when you’d rather not because it’s a business not a hobby that you pick and leave. I need to continually learn how to be a better business woman. 

Qn 11; Is there room for improvement when it comes to business and social media in uganda

Ans; I think everyone’s trying their best and their hardest to stand out and be creative. It’s a growing journey and there’s so much to explore. We’re also doing this amidst a pandemic, so very well done to everyone doing business and pushing through. 

Qn 12; What is your favourite quote? ( whether it is yours or from a famous person ). 

Ans; “You’d rather fail at it than regret it.” Its a paraphrase of a vow I made to myself in 2020, I fought the fear of rejection and started to go for everything I wanted. I’ve not regretted this decision ever since. I convinced myself the worst I could do is fail and even then, I can come back from it. 

Qn 13; Which advice would you relay for a young lady in Uganda trying to break through in the business sector?

Ans; Baby girl, go for it. Silence your fears and show up. There’s no greater joy than being in charge of your finances and making your dreams come true. If you fail, you stand up and try again better but never deprive yourself the chance to try. 

Rabwoni Kanyomozi’s socials – Twitter; KanyomoziRabwoni , Instagram; kanyomozirabwoni , business account for oboniire; oboniire


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