Business catalogue 3 – Mary Damulira

I embarked on a small series called business catalogue. Where I interview ladies who have started and grown their brand and businesses. The first was with Pesh Ahumuza – the founder of essentials and #uotmarketday, Kanyomozi Oboniire – an author, radio personality and owner of oboniire wraps and today we have Mary Damulira, the founder of Aesthetics256 and like its name, it is aesthetically pleasing and the products are lovely. Also, a woman who often uses her local language – ‘luganda’ even on her ig stories.

In today’s article, Mary Damulira will talk about her business and how she has navigated through. Enjoy.

My name is Mary Damulira, 29 years. founder & creative brain behind Aesthetics256 . 

Aesthetics256 is an online store that handmakes decor & gifts out of eco friendly recycled materials. Supporting environmental conservation in every way possible . The name Aesthetics is very true to product each piece posses so much rustic beauty yet urban , They’re really aesthetically pleasing if I do say so myself . 
 I locally outsource recycled materials like wood or paper and handmake each piece so yes I do produce all my products . My business started running in june 2020.after the first covid lockdown. 

What really inspired me was the fact that I knew there was a lot of Ugandans or East Africans  that loved a certain type of aesthetics in gifts ( rustic & sustainable ) and decor  that they couldn’t readily shop in Uganda or if they did it would cost an arm and leg because of shipping costs so I  got  my multi-talented hands dirty in the workshop and created. 

Starting out I wondered how I’ll reach hundreds of people and how they’ll  be able to shop my products because I didn’t have a physical store.

Instagram is my mostly used platform because my target market mostly uses and shops on there . Taking & posting authentic pictures,pictures true to quality/color etc. 

 Instagram is very visual & people need to trust that what they’re viewing  is what they’ll actually get on purchase  . Fast & timely responses & engagement with clients is a good management tool.

Occasionally I do use the Canva app to make posters or announcements it comes in very handy . 

A lot of Ugandans are now shopping online especially on social media , which has forced many businesses to take the online route seriously  because this is where their target market is spending time as opposed to physical shopping .

I followed my dream and passion And this has kept me going . 

Lesson learnt: Contracts and written agreements   are very important in every business .  

Challenges ; Not so many people think women can work as hard as men or even take on practical work in such a field so they’ll not give you good credit for your work . My business is a full time online one and so the internet shut down really affected it during the presidential elections.

Favourite quote ; Only I can give  the life I desire & want, so only me can work as hard as I want it .

Go after exactly what you want to do , it’s always the safer route in business & life in general , you’ll stay even when things get can start small , set big  goals & believe you can do it like all the other big shots !  They started out just like you .

Author – Mary Damulira

Mirrored by Ferrister.M

Mary Damulira’s socials – marydamulira

Business account – aesthetic_things256

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